Rewards for Praise from Your Tampa Roofers

One of the newest members of the Arry’s Roofing family shared his feedback with us on Facebook this week:

I’m please to say that I didn’t have to wait the four weeks Mathew Housh of Arry’s Roofing set as the expected start date.  We were notified they could begin 4-5 days sooner than expected. Once the team began work it was apparent they knew what they were doing and the work would be completed to my satisfaction.

Like many men my age I’ve seen my share of not-so-good trades people.  Out of habit I watched their every move, fully expecting to have a confrontation about the quality of work. The Arry’s team presented themselves professionally, promptly and exhibited skills in their trade that exceeded my expectations.  Every member of the team seemed genuinely pleasant, ready to work and didn’t stop working until the job was complete. They found a little more damage than expected and the additional expense for materials was barely worth mentioning; except to say they didn’t try to over charge for anything.

We were pleasantly surprised with their demeanor, professionalism, price and most importantly the quality of workmanship.

Yes, Arry’s estimate seemed slightly higher and yes we were skeptical but at the end of the day; we received our monies worth and we couldn’t be happier. 

We highly recommend Arry’s Roofing without reservation to our children and other members of our family.

Best Regards


At Arry’s Roofing, we possess an attitude of gratitude for this type of response to our roof repair and replacement projects. First, our thank you is a personal one shared directly with the customer. Then, we make sure our customers know we set up extra ways to say thanks.

As we told Orin, writing a review on our Reviews page then sharing it on the Arry’s Roofing Facebook page makes him eligible to receive a gift card in the mail. It’s our way of showing our appreciation as you help us spread the word to Tampa Bay homeowners who have not yet been introduced to our expertise in the field. We invite any customer to do the same in the near future by first visiting the Reviews page and clicking on the button that reads, “Click here to submit your review.”

You won’t need to spend a lot of time on it. Writing a few sentences gets the job done. Of course, the more thorough your review, the more helpful it will be to someone reading it in the future.   

To the right of the review submission form, you’ll see familiar icons from Facebook to Yelp. We encourage you to rate Arry’s Roofing on any of those sites. You’ll receive a gift card for taking the time to share your experience with others and help them make more informed decisions when looking for a roofing contractor in Tampa, FL. 


Earn a gift card by sharing your review of Arry's Roofing online today.
Earn a gift card by sharing your review of Arry’s Roofing online today.