Stone-Coated Metal – Part III: That’s All Well And Good, But Is It Right For Me?

Q: I hear a lot about stone-coated metal roofing, but is it right for me?

A: That really depends on you, but there are a lot of things, even beyond the advantages of fire resistance, durability, strength and longevity, to like about metal roofs.  For one, they’re just about maintenance-free, requiring very little, if any, upkeep.  Compare that to shingles, where you might have to replace some after every storm.  At most, you’ll need to check your metal roof for dents after a hail storm, but other than that, you will typically not need to do anything more.

Q:  Are metal roofs expensive?

A: While metal roofs cost significantly more than asphalt – easily two or three times as much – over the lifetime of the roof you save on having to repeatedly repair it after every storm.  Some estimates place the effective cost of a metal roof, factoring in the lack of a need for repair or replacement, at a mere third of the cost of an asphalt roof, over a 60-year period.

Metal roofs also typically require less in the way of insurance; the lack of a need for fire insurance can be significant.  Some homeowners have reported saving up to 30% on their insurance premiums by switching to metal.

Q: But will it even work with my house?  Will it match my home or my neighborhood?

A: Since metal can be formed into shingles and tiles, metal roofing will certainly work with whatever style of roofing you might have on your home.  Weight is not an issue – metal roofs are, on average, 50% lighter than a similar asphalt roof, and up to 75% lighter than similar concrete or slate roofs.

Stone-coated metal shingle or tile looks exactly like the asphalt or wood shingle or shake, or concrete or clay tile it’s patterned after.  Stone-coated “Canyon Shakes” are virtually indistinguishable from actual wood shakes.  “Barrel Vault” tiles looks just like concrete S-type tiles.  Combining the more traditional look with the durability of metal can actually increase the value of your home by anywhere from 1 to 6 percent.

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