Fall 2014

Meet the Hawley family! We invite you to read their story and find out why they were selected as a No Roof Left Behind winner!


Kept the roof over Sandy’s Head!

My mother is 76, She is a survivor of a 20 year vet. She has raised over twelve children and adopted several others. there are multiple place in her house that simply pour water down when it rains,some places you can see straight to the outside, Sandra is at this time raising two of her grandchildren because their mother fell into drugs.Sandra has survived three different cancers and is still taking kemo pills for her breast cancer.Sandra has devoted her entire life to taking care of others and is now in jeopardy of losing her house due to lack of homeowners insurance which she can not receive because of the roof’s poor condition.All that we ask is that someone do what we are unable to and help her with her roof.If We are not a winner this year please feel free to point us in the direction we need.

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