Spring 2014

Meet the Hughes family! We invite you to read their story and find out why they were selected as a No Roof Left Behind winner!


Our story begins with a simple online submission and some photos, and ends with our dreams coming true. Arry’s Roofing, along with Bozarth Contracting, and Boyles Aluminum Services, partnered with the No Roof Left Behind organization to bring us a blessing. We had been saving money for a new roof, but due to our unborn daughter’s condition, we knew that our funds were about to be reallocated.

As soon as Jaina was born, she underwent a corrective surgery, and immediately the bills started rolling in. Our home owners insurance had been cancelled, and our mortgage was hiked up a few hundred dollars a month. Thanks to these organizations, little Miss Jaina has a dry home to live in. They did a full roof replacement at entirely no cost to us. On the day of installation, we also learned that we would be getting storm quality windows, and a new seamless gutter system also for no cost to the family.

We could not feel more blessed than the day we discovered we would be getting a free roof replacement. Tears were streaming, and family gathered around to celebrate as this would be the first step to getting us back on our feet. Now with the roof replaced, our mortgage has dropped from a peak of $1400 a month to just under $1000. A few days after the first new mortgage payment, we received an escrow overage check of $1500. Immediately we were able to put many of the bills on payment plans, and bring our accounts current again.

All the partners involved in this were so friendly and committed to making a difference in our lives, and we could not be more thankful! We cannot believe that there are organizations out there that would dedicate their time and materials in an effort to make this large of an impact on our lives. Words simply cannot describe the feelings of gratitude we have for Arry’s, Bozarth, and Boyle’s. Thank you will never go far enough! Not only are our bills falling in line, our home is completely hurricane season ready! So, We would like to extend the utmost highest level of appreciation imaginable to Arry’s, Bozarth, and Boyle’s for all their hard work and dedication.

Cody, Andrea, and Jaina Hughes