Spring 2016

Meet Fany Georgieva! We invite you to read her story and find out why she was selected as a No Roof Left Behind winner!

We have a waterfall inside every time it rains, mold in bathroom and termites on the attic…

I am an immigrant who came here to seek better life,a domestic violence survivor,who foolishly believed she can build the perfect family,and now a single mom,living in a fixer-upper with my 6-year-old. With a single income,I am trying to work on the house myself. I already patched a few leaks on the roof and spent weekends laying down new shingles,but with a rotten wood I need professional help. One good thing is,my kid knows he needs to call 911 if mommy falls from the roof. I tried to finance,but my credit is not great and I get declined. Between everyday expenses and family lawyer fees,I need several years to save for a roof. Unfortunately the roof might not hold through next summer. Termites are devouring the rotting wood and rodents have access to the attic. I am trying to rebuild our life and a new roof will be a great start.