4 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Erika

at201505_5dayAfter a very uneventful start, the Atlantic hurricane season is seeing some activity with the arrival of Tropical Storm Erika. Forecasters predict that the storm will intensify and reach hurricane status by this weekend, just as it approaches South Florida. To make sure your home can adequately protect your family and possessions from this and future storm threats, Arry’s Roofing reminds you to take these four safety precautions.

  • Protect windows. Install storm shutters over windows and all exposed glass surfaces, including doors with glass inserts and skylights. If you do not have or do not want hurricane shutters, pieces of marine plywood – marked and cut to fit each window and glass door – are a removable solution. For lasting protecting, consider installing impact-resistant glass which is specially designed to withstand strong winds and wind-driven debris.
  • Tie it down. Even nails can be pulled out of a roof by powerful winds. Help your roof resist the “uplift” effect by connecting trusses and rafters to the exterior frame of your home with metal hurricane straps.
  • Inspect the roof. Check your roof for broken tiles, holes or other damage that could be ripped open, leaving your home exposed to the elements. Make sure everything is secure, tight and fastened properly. Remove weak or dead trees and tree limbs on your property that could cause roof damage.
  • Fortify garage doors. Because of their large size, garage doors require more reinforcement to withstand hurricane-force winds. In addition to upgrading lock mechanisms, add bracing to the interior of the door to prevent twisting or collapsing that could leave the interior of your home vulnerable.

Here for You, Day or Night

If you need a fast Tampa, FL, roof repair to ensure your roof is ready for the storm, call Arry’s Roofing today at (727) 938-9565. If needed after the storm, our rapid response team will be available for emergency Tampa roof repair to secure your roof and help protect the contents of your home or business. We can also work with your insurance company to arrange for permanent repair or replacement of a damaged roof. You can count on us in any weather!