Florida’s Metal and Tile Roofs, Part 2: Cooling Power

In the first half https://www.arrysroofing.com/blog/floridas-metal-and-tile-roofs-part-1-material-strength/of this two-part series, we established why metal and tile roofs come most highly recommended by Dunedin FL roofers for Florida weather. First, their strength allows them to hold up well against hurricane-strength winds and heavy rains, and second, they have major cooling power. We’ll talk about that second point today.

That metal and tile roofs are “cool” roofs is widely accepted, but the interesting thing is the vast difference in the mechanisms by which these two materials achieve their cooling goals.

Let’s take metal first. Metal has high solar reflectance as well as high thermal emittance. Solar reflectance means that it does a great job of reflecting the sun’s heat. Thermal emittance, on the other hand, means that when it does get hot, it doesn’t stay hot for long. The combination of these two properties is what makes metal roofs cool.

Tile, on the other hand, stays cool by virtue of its thermal mass. It stays cool for a long time even in hot, sunny Florida and doesn’t release that accumulated heat until well after the sun has set. Most tile roof configurations also allow natural ventilation around the tile, which minimizes contact (and therefore heat transfer) with the roof deck.

This win-win combination of strength and cooling power is what makes tile and metal roofs so suitable to the hot (and occasionally stormy) Florida climate.

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