GAF Warranties – Do You Really Need Them?

When it comes to roofing-related projects, you have probably heard some talk about having a roof warranty.  Are warranties really important if you know that your roof was installed by a reputable roofer? You bet they are.

Regardless of who installed the roof or what materials were used, your roof will force you to make a large investment. Like any major investment, you need to make sure you have a backup plan to avoid losing your money. The same thing applies to roofing, as you’re getting increased utility from your roof.

Not having a warranty simply because you are sure that nothing bad will happen to your roof is taking a huge gamble. When you and your property are at stake, it’s better to avoid taking chances.

You might be asking “but the roof is already there, what do I have to lose?” When it comes to roofing, losses come in the form of roof problems caused by material defects or installation mistakes. If your roof is damaged, it no longer becomes cost efficient. You’ll be forced to spend even more on your roof to have it fixed than you had originally planned.

With a GAF warranty, East Lake FL roofing contractors that installed your roof are required to perform the necessary repairs without you having to shell out more cash. Of course, material defects don’t usually cause problems until a few years after installation, so good warranties provide a coverage period of 10-15 years. Exceptional warranties offered by some East Lake FL roofers further bring up the coverage period to 30 to 40 years, or even lifetime coverage.

Do you want to have a new roof covered by a GAF warranty? If so, give Arry’s Roofing a call and ask for a free roof inspection and cost estimate.