Home Maintenance Must: Avoid Water Damage

Why is it important to properly maintain your roof and other parts of your house from heavy rainfall? What’s the best way to prevent water damage? These are a couple of questions we usually ask regarding our homes, especially with Pinellas County receiving 52 inches of rain each year, which is a lot more than the national average of 37 inches.

They say, “Take care of your house so that your house will take good care of you.” So it’s very important to regularly check every part of your house and keep it in good condition so you won’t have to deal with problems like leaking.

Your East Lake FL roofers at Arry’s Roofing Services is the best way to guarantee your roof and gutters are properly inspected and maintained to keep them and rest of your home protected from water damage. Water damage can result in rotting wood, mold and mildew growth, and structural damage.

Here are some things to look into to help you prevent water from damaging your home:

  • A roof leak can cause more serious damage than water stains on your ceiling. Minor leaks can transform into major costly problems over time, so it’s important to have them patched up by professional roofers immediately. Further, mold and rotting may develop if the attic insulation is wet. Also, look for old, curled, damaged, or missing shingles. Have professionals repair or replace them as soon as possible.
  • Have your gutters and downspouts cleared of debris like fallen leaves and tree branches. This will not only avoid clogging but also direct water away from your house. Otherwise, water will seep down the sides of your house and will damage your walls, siding, and foundation. Further, make sure your downspouts are directed 5 to 10 feet away from your foundation. Trimming trees near your roof will also help in avoiding clogging.
  • For your basement to remain dry and prevent flooding, ensure that the ground is inclined at least six inches over the first 10 feet away from your foundation. You can also install a sump pump in your basement to get rid of any groundwater inside. But if water does enter your basement, leave a one-inch gap between the basement floor and the bottom of the drywall. This will stop mold from growing inside the walls and the wallboard from absorbing the moisture.

Keep in mind that regular inspection can give you an idea of the potential problems your roof and gutters face. This way, you’ll know what action to take to prevent further damage.

A good place to start keep your house safe from damage is to have your roof and gutters inspected by us at Arry’s Roofing, your reliable East Lake FL roofing contractors. Call us today at (727) 938-9565.