Roofing 101: To Layer or Not to Layer?

To save time and money, some homeowners add a new layer of roof shingles to their existing roof instead of completely installing a new one. Companies that specialize in roofing in Dunedin FL advise homeowners to think twice before layering. But what does layering even mean? Is layering better than installing a new roof?

Roof layering involves adding an additional layer of shingles to an existing roof. This is more economical for homeowners, but it doesn’t necessarily give bigger returns. If you plan to layer instead of replace, know the following first:

Inspect your existing roof. If you’re existing roof is fairly new, has no leaks, and is generally in good condition, it can be layered. However, a worn-out roof can do more harm than good to your new roof layer.

Check your local building codes. Many building codes do not allow more than two layers of roofing. Check yours first before proceeding.

Buy high-quality roof shingles. Layering your existing roof with poor-quality shingles might reduce its lifespan. So if you want your roof to last many years, make sure to invest in superior-quality shingles.

Here are the pros and cons of layering:


Layering can save you time and money. Many homeowners opt for layering because it is cheaper than installing a new roof. To get your money’s worth and avoid damage, make sure the new roofing layer is installed properly over a roof that is still in good condition. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your money.

Layering can also add protection to your household. Adding energy-efficient roof shingles to an existing roofing layer can also improve insulation for your home.


Layering can void your shingle warranty. Adding a new layer to your roof can actually void the warranty of your original roof. According to manufacturers, layering weakens the roof’s overall performance. So it is very important to consult professionals before deciding to layer.

Layering can lessen the life expectancy of your new roof layer. As with the example earlier, adding a new layer to an already-damaged one can lessen the life expectancy of your roof.

Your roof is certainly a big investment. Spend your money wisely by buying quality roofing products and hiring professional Dunedin FL roofers that can deliver, like us at Arry’s Roofing Services.

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