The GAF Energy Solar Roof System Can Reduce Your St. Petersburg, FL, Home’s Monthly Energy Bill 

Solar panels flashed to roof


Are you looking for a way to lessen your home’s carbon footprint while also keeping more money in your pocket? If so, turn to the experts at Arry’s Roofing for a GAF Energy Solar Roof System installation at your St. Petersburg, Florida, home. This roofing system possesses the timeless style of GAF shingles combined with the energy-saving benefits of solar panels. And because the shingles and panels are all part of one roofing system, you won’t have to hire two separate contractors to have them installed.

About the GAF Energy Solar Roof System

This roofing system consists of a GAF shingled roof with integrated solar panels that are flashed with the roof, not nailed to it. This drastically reduces the chance of leaks and gives the solar panels a low-profile appearance that won’t hurt your home’s curb appeal. Even better, the GAF Energy Solar Roof System is backed by a 25-year warranty that covers everything from the shingles to the panels, so you can feel secure with your investment.  

Why You Should Go Green

Each year, households in the United States emit altogether about 5.43 gigatons of carbon dioxide, which is incredibly harmful to the environment. Solar energy is considered green energy, and green energy gives off zero CO2 emissions. By having the GAF Energy Solar Roof System installed, you can feel better knowing you’re doing your part in reducing CO2 emissions and help the environment.

What’s more, the use of green energy can also help you save money. By relying on the GAF Energy Solar Roof System to power your home, you’ll no longer need to rely on utility companies that burn fossil fuels, which can result in lower monthly energy bills. But the savings doesn’t stop there—by powering your home with green energy, you may become eligible for special tax incentives or tax credits that can put even more money back in your pocket.

Get Started Today!

To reduce the carbon footprint of your St. Petersburg, FL, home—and possibly your energy bills while you’re at it—contact Arry’s Roofing today and ask about the GAF Energy Solar Roof System.