Benefits of the Good Housekeeping Seal

Before you hire a contractor, it is essential to consider a few things, such as if they are licensed or insured. You should also check if they have a positive service history and if they can provide you with quality service. Another thing you should also consider is if they have any form of certification that shows their commitment to providing excellent service.

Good Housekeeping Seal

Arry’s Roofing has all these qualifications. We take pride in being associated with GAF, a top company that carries the Good Housekeeping Seal.

What Is The Good Housekeeping Seal?
The Good Housekeeping Seal serves as a guide for consumers when they buy a product or service. It is also an emblem of Good Housekeeping’s Consumer Policy, which offers a limited warranty in the form of a refund, repair, or replacement. This applies whenever a product or service carrying this seal is found to be defective within two years of purchase. Our many options for roofing in Clearwater, FL, come with this seal. This means you can have the peace of mind knowing are covered by this limited warranty.

How Can A Product Or Service Earn The Good Housekeeping Seal?
A product is submitted by a company to the Good Housekeeping Institute or GHI and is evaluated by scientists and engineers. They assess the products’ effectiveness, packaging, and marketing claims. As one of the few GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractors in Tampa, we take pride in our products that carry this seal. You can be sure that our products will deliver excellent results for a long period.

What Can You Expect from a Contractor Associated with GAF?
As a Tampa roofer associated with GAF, you can expect us to provide you with high-quality products and services. We offer GAF Timberline® shingles, which is a popular roof option in North America. They are resistant to strong winds and severe weather conditions. In addition, they come with GAF-supported warranties. You can personalize them by choosing from a wide range of colors and styles. Our metal roofs on the other hand, feature reflective surfaces, which can help keep your home cool for more energy savings.

Choose a contractor that carries the Good Housekeeping Seal. Count on Arry’s Roofing to provide you with excellent customer service. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 for more information.