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4 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

A leaking roof causes more trouble than an annoying “drip drop” from your ceiling; it can damage your attic insulation and roof deck and lead to mold and mildew growth and reduced energy efficiency. Roof leaks can be due several causes, all of which will require the immediate assistance of a professional roofing contractor. Here are some common roof leak culprits:

What You Need to Know About Our Payment Options

As the trusted roofing expert in the area, Arry’s Roofing believes in offering different payment options to suit the different financial needs of our clients. We put the needs of our clients first, and we want to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing smooth and efficient roofing projects. With our competitively priced services, anyone can enjoy a new, high-quality roofing system for their home. Here are some of our payment options:

Common Misconceptions About Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a critical yet often overlooked part of the roofing system. Good attic ventilation not only helps maintain good indoor air quality, but it also plays an important role in your roof’s health. Unfortunately, many homeowners have misconceptions about how attic ventilation works. In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing, your local roofing expert, sheds light on the top three myths:

The Elements of a Proper Roofing Estimate

Your roofing estimate is a vital component of your project. A roofing estimate should be detailed, with all projected costs clearly outlined. A clear, detailed estimate speaks to a roofer’s quality, experience and integrity. In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing discusses the key elements you should look for in your roofing estimate.