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Follow Up to an Insulated Metal Roof Makeover

Arry’s Roofing has been touting the benefits of metal roofing for years. You may have noticed we brought up the topic recently here when sharing a report about the resilience of metal roofing against hail. Today we want to share the story of a metal roofing project we handled for a Florida couple, and the impact it’s had on their lives.

While some people still consider metal roofing to be a staple of commercial properties only, our customers Lis and John McQuaig knew the switch from shingles was the right choice for them. When the crew arrived at the McQuaig home, we started the work of tearing off the shingles first. We would go on to install the insulated metal roof they wanted.

 See the before pics of the McQuaig Roof

It’s important to mention that the work took place a year ago. That means Lis and John have had a chance to evaluate the entire experience from installation on. They can look at the period following installation and measure the impact of their decision on household expenses. Here’s what Liz had to say: “The energy savings has been amazing! We noticed immediately that our air conditioner didn’t have to work as hard. Even with a bunch of people in the house, we noticed it that very first day! And the savings on our power bill has been awesome! The new roof made a significant impact on the monthly charge.”

Reflective Foil Insulation

You can experience the same dramatic change in energy cost thanks to Reflective Foil Insulation. It provides up to 97% Radiant Energy Reflectivity, which measures how much radiant energy it can redirect away from the roof’s surface. Also, this solar energy barrier is easily installed, resists mold, fungus, and pests, and remains 100% waterproof and unaffected by humidity and UV rays. This reflective quality is also an asset on structures or portions of a home or business without A/C, such as porches and garages.

Metal Roofing Review

A year after the installation, Lis has plenty to say about the whole experience, especially the installation process. She wrote, “I couldn’t say enough good things about you, Al and Nemo…what a crew!!! It was such a delight working with you guys. The level of expertise, professionalism and courtesy was above and beyond. You guys are a great team!”

Contact Metal Roofing Tampa Experts

When you’re ready to enjoy the same benefit the McQuaig home is enjoying, let’s talk. You can reach Arry’s Roofing at 727.362.2230. Be sure to visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @arrysroofing.

A view during installation.
A view during installation.


The work is completed.
The work is completed.


It's still looking great a year later.
It’s still looking great a year later.




No Roof Left Behind: Pinellas County Nominees

NRLBWe’re two months into the No Roof Left Behind promotion and already eight homes in Pinellas County have been nominated for a chance to win a free roof replacement this fall. If you know someone who’s also deserving, you want to move quickly to complete the nomination. July 19 is the closing date for all nominations.

So far, our nominations have come from St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Pinellas Park. One of these homeowners could be our lucky winner, but they must pass the nomination review point this summer and then do well in the finalist voting. The winning home will be announced on September 9.

The extent of roof damage isn’t enough to get a homeowner into the winning spot. It’s also important to show and tell a good story to get others interested. As we see by the current nominees, even choosing the headline should be effective. The one in Pinellas Park wrote, “Just real back luck.” One homeowner in St. Pete chose “Starting Over” to explain the situation there.

Arry’s Roofing invites you to view each nomination, check out the photos, and get a sense of the circumstances.  If a submission moves you, you’re welcome to share it from that page by clicking on any of the adjacent icons. You can email it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Google+ it, and share it on LinkedIn.  Spreading the word could help your favorite nominee get a step closer to getting the roof replacement you both feel they desperately need and deserve. You can also leave a comment on the nominee’s page; a short note of encouragement is always appreciated.

Keep in mind, if you decide to nominate someone or nominate yourself, you and any other nominee must live in Pinellas County and be the owner of the home in order to be eligible for No Roof Left Behind. Also, finalists must be current on mortgage payments in order to receive the free roof prize.

The nomination form is easy to fill out and most of it should take just a few minutes to complete. The critical areas you’ll want to spend more time on include explaining the roof’s current condition and sharing a personal story about why the nominee truly deserves a free roof.  You’ll want to keep the story at 150 words or less.



Discover World-Class Protection with Metal Roofing, Tampa

Photo courtesy of disastersafety.org
Photo courtesy of disastersafety.org


The metal roofing experts at Metal Roofing Alliance shared some interesting news this month about the value of these products as protection against hail. As longtime roofing contractors in Tampa Bay, Arry’s Roofing has seen plenty of instances of significant damage to a roof caused by hail. In some cases, the homeowner was not fully aware of the extent of the damage because not all damage is visible.

Here’s what the folks at the Metal Roofing Alliance are sharing with us and others. They are highlighting two recent reports about the resilience of metal roofing during severe hailstorms. One of the reports focuses on a 2011 Texas hailstorm with research conducted by the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues. Jim Austin summarized the findings of the RICOWI Hail Inspection Program in a web article last month. He wrote, “Hail effects on metal roof systems were seen as largely cosmetic, rather than functional. Indentations occurred with larger hailstones, but painted coatings had not been visibly compromised by the denting.” The full article can be viewed on the Construction Magazine Network website, which you can get to by clicking on the link below.


Austin’s article is part of a six-part series he’s doing about how metal roofing stands up to various weather elements. In the case of hail, it’s important to note that the report also mentions related damage was readily apparent to the trained eye. The key word here is “trained” since an expert in repairing roofs damaged by hail will know what signs to look for immediately. Hail damage is different than normal weathering, and it’s essential for the contractor you choose to recognize those differences. As Jim Austin points out, “Impact generally resulted in circular starburst-shaped fractures, and the fracture surfaces had limited oxidation, shrinkage, or grime accumulation, and there was often direct surface evidence of the hail impact.”

A second test shared by the Metal Roofing Alliance is not yet conclusive but provided some compelling video to demonstrate metal roofing’s resilience. While the results of the test are still being analyzed, you can see for yourself how one metal roofing system stands up to hail. The video, posted by the Institute for Business and Home Safety, is available by clicking on the link below.


Roofing Contractors Tampa FL
Arry’s Roofing has been installing metal roofing systems for years throughout the Tampa Bay area. We handle installations for both residential and commercial properties, and you can take a look at some of our finished work by clicking HERE. Schedule an appointment to discuss your metal roofing needs by calling us at 727.362.2230.


Referral Rewards for Tampa Bay Roofing Customers

Photo - Metal 004M

Satisfied Arry’s Roofing customers share their praise with us in many ways. Some of it comes in writing, whether it comes in emails sent to us or in comments left on our Facebook page. One of the comments posted recently came from Eric Randall of Thonotosassa, who thanked for a job well done on a metal roof installation. (You can read his recommendation a little further down on this page.) Your preferred Tampa roofers appreciate customers like Eric, and we show our thanks by offering a referral rewards program for all of our customers.


Referral Rewards Program from Tampa Roofers
To get started, go to the page designated for the Referral Rewards Program. To access it, click HERE. When you get to the page, you’ll be greeted by a short audio introduction. Also, you’ll see a countdown to the next drawing. Prizes range from gift cards to cruises, and you can see photos of past winners whose prize list accompanies their photos.

You’ll need to provide information for both yourself and the person you’re using for the referral. The form also asks if the referral is expecting our call. It’s a smart idea to let them know in advance that Arry’s Roofing will be in touch. When you do mention it, let your referral person know they are eligible to receive a no-obligation estimate for the roofing project, and can save up to $500 because of the referral program.

Whether your referral does business with Arry’s Roofing is entirely up to them. Either way, you still get a special reward. Plus, you’ll be entered to win one of the big prizes. So it’s a win-win proposition!

Metal Roofing Tampa
To learn more about our metal roofing services in Tampa Bay, click HERE. As licensed and insured Tampa roofers with expertise in metal roofing, we recommend this material to customers who are seeking a long-lasting option that’s durable, beautiful, technologically innovative, and energy-efficient. Arry’s Roofing provides a free inspection and estimate throughout the area, and you can schedule an appointment by calling 727.362.2230.

Eric’s message to us:

I wanted to pass along my thanks for a job well done, especially considering the extensive work required for my roof. All members of the installation crew worked with attention to detail, thoroughness and competence in all aspects of the installation which was clearly evident in the outcome; also, they were all courteous to me and showed respect for my home. The on-site supervisor, Nemo, was just the right man to respond to my questions, concerns, and choices and he did so in a welcoming and professional manner. Because I was there to view the work as it progressed, I continually observed that the team is experienced and highly competent in metal roof installation. I had asked you about the standards of quality you use for metal roofs and at no time did I have to ask the crew to live up to them; Nemo made it clear that these standards are normal for Arry’s. Although I’m sure you have many good teams, I’m glad I got this one.

A few details I liked:
Redundancy of protection regarding roof penetrations (sun tubes, goose necks) was superb and careful measurement kept the goose necks between the standing seams, correcting the problem left by the original roofer.
Nemo’s advice about the sun tubes allowed for a better-looking outcome. Although inspection is yet to occur, I have confidence in his method of installation.
The tops of the metal panels were sized close to each ridge, the Z-bar pieces were precisely cut to be close to each standing seam, and sealant was applied around the back sides of them just as you had promised.
Folded tabs at the bottom cuts were done in a sensible angled way to avoid catching water.
Daily and final cleaning of residual filings on the roof was thorough and included a final hose down as well.

The professionalism I witnessed in both the process and the outcome allows me to give my whole-hearted recommendation of Arry’s to anyone choosing a roofer. I included a more-detailed recommendation and review in Angie’s List. In a couple years, I’ll post a follow-up review as well.

Eric Randall
12702 McIntosh Groves Lane, Thonotosassa

Ask the Seal in Tampa Bay

We talk a lot about the peace of mind our residential and commercial customers get from choosing a quality roofing system from an expert at installation. But peace of mind comes from more than confidence in your Tampa Bay roofer’s expertise in getting the job done; it’s about knowing the contractor you hire has integrity all the way through every layer of the business. That’s why Arry’s Roofing proudly announces we have been awarded the Seal of Security & Confidence by ASKtheSEAL.com.

What is ASK the SEAL?
Many Tampa Bay homeowners and property owners have not been introduced to ASK the SEAL yet. It’s your way of ensuring that the contractor you hire is providing a service for you that is licensed and insured. But there’s more. ASK the SEAL also examines customer satisfaction and a background check of all employees and the company owner.

License ✓
It’s essential to know the contractors you hire are recognized for their skills and permitted to do business within their industry. ASK the SEAL goes beyond just taking their word for it to ensure the protection of homeowners and business owners here in Tampa Bay and elsewhere.

Insurance ✓
Imagine if your contractor is uninsured and someone on the crew injures himself or does damage to your property. That’s an expense you don’t need. ASK the SEAL verifies insurance information to better protect the customer.

Background ✓
Criminals don’t knock on your door and announce their intentions, right? They often use employment with contractors, even Tampa Bay roofers and other types of companies, to find victims. Often their crimes are committed months after the work is done. ASK the SEAL conducts a thorough background check, including criminal and sex offender information, on everyone in the company.

Photo ID Available
Thanks to ASK the SEAL, there’s no mystery about the Tampa Bay roofer who will be visiting your home to conduct an inspection or handle the project. Arry’s Roofing, and other companies with a Seal of Approval, can email you a photo of the employees and proof of their background check. This Photo ID is also brought or worn to your home or business.

Our Tampa Bay roofing customers are already getting introduced to ASK the SEAL. If you have questions about our involvement with this consumer advocacy effort —or any of our numerous Tampa Bay roofing services —call at 727.362.2230. We also invite you to find us on Facebook.




An Important Roofing Decision When Starting a Family


Baby Housh 2

 Arry’s Roofing was blessed in March with the arrival of our newest member of the family. We joined Matthew and Mary Rose Housh in welcoming their daughter Helen Rose to the world. As new parents, they are certainly thinking a lot about ways to keep her safe, and ensuring the integrity of your Tampa Bay roofing system should be on any parent’s list of priorities.

For many new parents, the birth of a first child prompts a look at larger living spaces. Suddenly the one bedroom apartment no longer serves your needs. Even before the baby arrives, you can already imagine how cramped the two of you will feel so you begin looking for your first home. While there’s a lot to consider from location to price, it’s important to evaluate the condition of your home’s roof as you make this important decision.

You and your significant other may have different tastes and preferences in a lot of areas. At the same time, you both agree that protecting your child and protecting your home are things you can agree on. Making sure your roofing system is in adequate condition is one way to accomplish both tasks.

What are you looking for? The age of your Tampa Bay roof is one factor. The date of the last inspection is another. If the roof has not been inspected in more than five years, you’ll want to get a professional Tampa Bay roofing contractor on the job to assess the condition.

Here’s another helpful way to assess the roof. Look for signs of aging, excessive wear or disrepair. Mold or moss growth, curled or cracked shingles, and streaks along your home’s outside walls are just a few ways to tell the roof needs to be replaced. Keep in mind, the damage may be minimal enough to make repairs an option instead of total replacement. It will be up to your expert roofer to determine if repair or replacement is the correct choice.

When considering the options for home you’ll be in as your family grows, prioritizing the roof before you buy will save you time and money later. You have enough to handle with a little one in your life, especially in the first year. You don’t need any Tampa Bay roofing emergencies that could have been avoided with an early expert inspection and simple repair job.

Baby Housh

Arry’s Roofing Joins 2013 Honda Grand Prix



Over the weekend, Arry’s Roofing made a special appearance at the 2013 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. We’re delighted about the opportunity to be a part of this IZOD IndyCar Series thanks to our name being added to A.J. Foyt’s ABC Supply Honda for Takuma Sato’s debut. Several members of the Arry’s Roofing family, including Arry himself, attended the race in the streets of St. Petersburg to show our support.

Sato qualified second but slipped back after the first pit stop. Even though he ended up finishing eighth, the Arry’s Roofing family enjoyed cheering him on all the way to the end. His comments about the race —posted on the A.J. Foyt racing site —are worth sharing here.

“It was a tough race right at the beginning, we clipped a front wing on the second restart so we had a damaged car most of the race,” Sato said. “Before we changed the front wing we were as far down as 15th. We picked up some pace and were able to overtake a few cars on the track so that was encouraging. There are quite a few things we need to look at but we fought hard today and I want to thank the ABC Supply team for their hard work!”

More than 2,000 roofers nationwide were up for the opportunity to have their company name stenciled on the IndyCar. In the end, Arry’s Roofing was the name drawn to be added to the #14 race car. Of course, we took time to pose for several photos behind #14 before the race got underway. As you’ll see, we also snapped a photo of Arry and Becky alongside the race car right next to our company name.





While James Hinchcliffe captured his first IZOD IndyCar Series win in an upset over championship contenders, we’re proud of Sato’s placement at eighth in the overall series standings. Arry’s Roofing wishes him and the whole #14 team all the best in their next race, which will be held at the picturesque Barber Motorsport Park outside of Birmingham, Alabama on April 7. Go Red, White and Blue!






Spring Roofing Tips from Top Tampa Roofers

Photo courtesy of pbs.org
Photo courtesy of pbs.org

The arrival of spring in Tampa Bay has been accompanied by a cloudy sky and the threat of a thunderstorm. Roofs recently inspected or repaired by expert Tampa roofers should be able to handle the wind and rain of an early spring storm, but a great number of Tampa Bay roofs will go without attention this season despite how simple it is to create and execute a preventive maintenance plan.

The goal of a preventive maintenance plan is to ensure a serious problem doesn’t occur. By serious, we mean the kind of issue that could force you to call for emergency help in the middle of the night while your home’s furniture and other items are getting soaked with rain. Now that’s not to say all prevention plans eliminate the chance of an emergency, but they certainly can reduce the risk.

Due to our warm climate, roofs in Tampa Bay won’t experience the same damaging conditions, such as freezes and significant icing, seen in other parts of the country. At the same time, other types of wear and tear on a roofing system can affect a Tampa Bay roof during the winter months. Wind, tree debris and even air pollution can leave their mark on the surface of your roof. So let’s look at a few areas of immediate concern as spring gets underway.

If your roof hasn’t been inspected in several years, this is a smart time to get a licensed Tampa Bay roofer on the job. If you’re confident your roof is still providing adequate protection, begin your spring roof inspection with a look at the gutter system. Is everything working properly? Is there any debris blocking the flow of water? Are any parts of the system loose or rusty? If you’re unsure of how to make any minor repairs necessary, consult a local expert who is familiar with both installation and repair of gutter systems.

When moving your attention to the roofing components, go beyond the shingles. You’ll quickly notice if shingles are missing or if tiles are cracked, but often a developing problem will come from issues with flashing. In fact, flashing around the chimney, in valleys and around skylights are considered the three most common leak locations, prompting a call for roof repair in Tampa.

Before wrapping up your inspection, allow some time to review your rooftop ventilation and attic insulation. Poor ventilation can damage roofing systems prematurely and homes older than 10 years typically lack sufficient attic insulation. Of course, you can skip all of these steps by simply contacting a licensed Tampa roofer to provide the necessary inspection and cleaning as part of your preventive maintenance plan.


Expert Roof Cleaning in Clearwater

icon-decayYou will likely hear the phrase “spring cleaning” a lot in the next few weeks. While home interiors and garages may get the bulk of the attention, most homeowners may neglect cleaning a critical part of the house: the roof. If you can’t recall the last time you hired someone for expert roof cleaning in Clearwater, now might be the time.

There are three aspects of roof cleaning for any Tampa Bay resident to consider: when to clean, how to clean, and how to hire a pro. We’ll begin with when to clean, explain how to clean, and cap it off with how to hire a pro. Let’s get started.

When to clean your roof will change from home to home. Variables that will affect your roof begin with roofing materials themselves and their capacity for retaining dirt and other foreign materials. For example, consider the difference between the surface of asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Another dirty roof factor will be the presence of trees and the proximity of those trees to your roof. Climate is yet another factor with year round warmth and high humidity increasing the chance of algae, mold, mildew and other growth developing on your Clearwater roof.

One immediate response to the problem for some homeowners is pressure washing the roof on their own. While the intention is good, the risk of injuring yourself and damaging the roofing materials is too high for the mostly ineffective results. Instead, look for the Clearwater roofing contractor who is also a roof cleaning expert and can explain how the chosen cleaning system works without harming the roof ultimately.

As your home’s most important system of protection, your Clearwater roof should be treated with the utmost care. Price should not be the only deciding factor. Rely on only a qualified professional to handle any cleaning necessary. Ask the Clearwater roofing contractor for references and consult with resources such as the BBB and Angie’s List. Discuss the contractor’s cleaning practices so you clearly understand the process.

When you turn to Arry’s Roofing for expert roof cleaning in Clearwater, we can help you add years to your roof’s lifespan. A regular cleaning will also provide energy savings, waterproofing and a higher property value. Call us at 727.362.2230 to discuss your roof cleaning needs today.


No Tampa Bay Roof Left Behind


September 9, 2013 is a very important date. While it’s more than six months away, it’s the day when Arry’s Roofing will announce the name of one lucky winner of a free roof in Pinellas County. It’s part of our affiliation with a national coalition known as No Roof Left Behind.

Nominate Your Own Roof

Starting Friday March 1, you can nominate your roof as the most deserving in Pinellas County. It’s important to prepare to explain why you deserve a new roof and show evidence of your roof’s current condition in a photo. The nomination period ends July 19 so you have time to work on your story and take a photo that best represents the trouble with your existing roof.  Other people are welcome to nominate you as well and complete the submission process found by clicking on the link below.


Determining the Finalists

After the nomination process for a roof is completed, the story and photo will appear on the Arry’s Roofing page of the No Roof Left Behind website. A team of local volunteers will review all nominees and carefully select the finalists. As of August 2, the public is welcome to vote and you can share the link with friends and family members anytime.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must reside in Pinellas County and must own the home they are living in. Also, each homeowner must be current on mortgage payments to participate in the contest. A homeowner may nominate himself or herself, but others are welcome to nominate a needy family in the area. 

Free Roof Winner Announced

The winner will be announced on Monday September 9 and the roof replacement work will be provided at a time determined by Arry’s Roofing.

We encourage all of our loyal customers all over Tampa Bay to consider who you might know in Pinellas County who deserves a new roof installed by Arry’s Roofing. We invite you to share the link on your social media pages too and help us spread the word. You could be the one who connects the winning homeowner with the opportunity of a lifetime.