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Tropical Storm Preparations

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit the Tampa Bay area early on Monday morning August 27.


As your fellow Tampa Bay residents, our concern during the approach of a tropical storm turns to the personal safety of our family, friends and neighbors. The news that Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to arrive here after the weekend makes preparation a priority in the next two days. For people who have experienced this type of situation before, they may have already begun getting ready for the potential damaging winds and heavy rains. But there are still a great many people who have yet to get started so we want to take a moment to help you get started.

There are three phases to consider. Understanding your responsibility during each phase is important in protecting yourself, your family and your home. The following material was carefully prepared by the weather experts at the Weather Channel as a helpful resource for situations like the one we’re about to face. Take a few minutes to reach about each phase today.

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Once your preparations are done and you have time, be sure to check in on others on your street to make sure they are prepared for the damaging weather conditions that accompany a tropical storm. Your neighbors, especially ones with a disability or the elderly, will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you don’t have your neighbor’s phone number already, make sure you get it in order to check on them in the hours following the worst of the tropical weather.

The family at Arry’s Roofing will also be using this time to prepare for a worst case scenario but we are available to take your calls if you have urgent questions. We want you to be safe, first and foremost, and as informed as you can be. To reach us, call 727-938-9565.

A Shingle Standoff in Tampa Bay

Preparations for roof replacement cover a lot of areas, including budget, but one area that may cause some confusion for homeowners is selection of the optimum shingle style. If the project has two decision makers, the debate over which shingle to choose could be endless. Instead of protecting your home and improving curb appeal, you could be taking weeks to move forward with your contractor. But Arry’s Roofing can help you move past the dilemma and find the best possible solution.

Even before you call us for a free consultation and estimate, you can get better informed on your options through the company we partner with to supply Tampa Bay with the highest quality roofs. GAF, North America’s largest manufacturer, provides an overview of housing designs and the shingle options that best suit each design. In less than 20 minutes, you can review the entire page and bookmark it for future reference.

Whether your home is a Victorian, Colonial, Ranch style, you can get helpful tips from GAF about choosing the ideal shingle style. For example, the roof of a ranch-style home can have a bigger impact on its overall look than a Colonial-style design. Neutral roof colors are recommended and GAF shingle products to consider first include the distinct and dimensional Grand Sequoia, premium wood-shake option Grand Canyon, and the popular look of wood-shake Timberline Shingles. Modern and contemporary designed homes will benefit from a clean, streamlined look available in a variety of products, such as Grand Slate and Slateline.

Once you’ve reviewed your shingle options, you can remain on the page to find a professional contractor to handle the work. Type in your Zip Code to the right and you’ll discover contractors who are 10, 20 or 30 miles within your home. Scroll down to Arry’s Roofing and take note of our 128 reviews by real homeowners and our 5 awards and certifications.

Tampa Bay Native Springs into Action in the Olympics

Photo courtesy of chriscolwell.com

As you watch NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in London, keep your eye on a diver Chris Colwill. The Brandon native returns to the Summer Games, competing in the Men’s 3-Meter Springboard. The preliminary round is scheduled for Monday August 6, although when it airs is entirely left up to NBC.

We’re proud to celebrate the success of Colwill, even before he makes his first dive in London. 22 years after he first started diving at the Brandon Sports & Aquatic Center, he’s getting another chance to be in the international spotlight. We hope it pays off for him in a big way, and he brings a medal home to Tampa Bay.

Viewers of 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing may recall seeing Colwill in two events. He participated in the 3 meter springboard and the synchronized 3 meter with teammate Jevon Tarantino. He finished 12th solo and he and his teammate were one spot away from a medal in the synchro event.

What you may not know is this Olympian suffers from hearing loss. What may be perceived as a disability by many is viewed as an advantage for this 27 year-old. He’s explained in interviews that the hearing loss he was born with actually helps him avoid the distractions caused by crowd noise. It’s clearly working for him; he’s diving in front of the world’s largest crowd this summer.

Arry’s Roofing takes this time to celebrate homegrown talent like Chris Colwill to remind all of us where hard work and dedication to our chosen vocation can lead us. For Colwill, we hope it’s the joy of earning his first Olympic medal. For you, it could be something equally spectacular, even if your shining moment is not televised and broadcast around the world.

Swimming Safety Tops Summer Priority List

Swimming Sisters


Two young members of the Arry’s Roofing family are getting water-wise this summer thanks to professional swim instruction. Leyton and Brylee, daughters of Stephen and Heidi Housh, have been learning all the necessary skills at a facility known as the Seal Swim School. The goal of creating strong swimmers for a lifetime is what prompted their mother to enroll the girls in these summer sessions and there’s an incentive for any parent in Tampa Bay to do the same.

Water fun is common in the summer, of course, but also can become a threat to the inexperienced swimmer. That’s why it’s important for young students like the Housh girls to becoming more aware of the dangers related to being in the water, develop skills to become strong swimmers, and learn how to make quick decisions if a problem in the pool (or any body of water) develops. Beginning this training early and continuing it throughout a summer and in successive years can help children avoid the fate that many others encounter.

The Seal Swim School staffs American Red Cross safety instructors who are certified in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Training. These experienced instructors also receive ongoing training to ensure they’re providing the best possible instruction. They can even teach children with all levels of abilities, including students with special needs.

We’re proud of Leyton and Brylee for their ongoing efforts to become superb swimmers. We’re also proud of their parents for ensuring the girls remain enrolled in every session throughout Seal Swim School’s swimming season. As they know, safety is not an occasionally important; it’s valuable every day of the year. That’s a lesson we know the girls will remember for a long time to come.

Baseball All-Stars & the Value of a Job Well Done

On Tuesday July 10 in Kansas City, the best ballplayers in the American League face the best of the National League in Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. Among the AL players is Rays closer Fernando Rodney, who entered the All-Star break with 36 games finished, 25 saves and an Earned Run Average of .093. He’ll be joined by regular season rivals, such as Derek Jeter of the Yankees and Josh Hamilton of the Rangers.

Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher Fernando Rodney; Photo by Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Players you don’t normally root for at the same time will be focused on a common mission: winning the Midsummer Classic. While it used to be a game of mere entertainment, it carries a bigger meaning now. The winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. That’s a hefty incentive to turn an exhibition game into something far bigger.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience at home by starting a project that you meant to do with little effort before finding yourself realizing the value of a job well done. It was a quick fix of the roof. A patch of a leak. Or a speed cleaning of the gutters. Sadly many homeowners have tried the fast approach to fix-it duties and suffered later.

Like the payoff of the All-Star Game win coming several months later, taking the time to carefully evaluate needed repair projects provides benefits beyond today. Addressing issues now, especially with your roof, can prevent future damage to a roofing system or to the residence, from the structure to the contents inside. You’re also more likely to reduce or eliminate the need for additional repair or replacement expenses later on.

Arry’s Roofing is ready to help Tampa Bay homeowners take care of those roofing needs now. More than 25 years of serving the area and accolades earned from Angie’s List and GAF are among the reason to contact us fast and contact us first for your roof repair and replacement projects. Make the call to 727-938-9565 now and be sure to follow us on Twitter @arrysroofing.

The Wave of Warnings in Tampa Bay

Photo by Alissa Vinoski

As Debby reminded us recently, hurricane season can bring plenty of problems to Florida. The first kind of trouble, directly related to the storm, was most visible in the widespread flooding. For residents still dealing with the impact of that tropical storm, the aftermath is the second kind of trouble. But it’s not restricted to damage to property and home. In disaster areas, the trouble can come in the form of people who offer clean-up and repair services.

Luckily for many homeowners the wave of warnings came quickly after the arrival of Tropical Storm Debby. With word that scammers were flooding the area, equipped with broken promises to deliver, vigilant homeowners were spared the expense and humiliation of paying for repairs that never happened. Unfortunately, with any weather-related event of this size and scope, inevitably someone fell prey to one of the people looking to make a quick buck.

As a homeowner or property manager in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater or surrounding areas, it’s likely you’ve been through this experience before at least once. Hopefully you didn’t get burned then. If so, you learned your lesson and haven’t repeated it since then. But there a great many people who will experience property damage and act quickly to restore their homes and return their lives to normalcy without realizing the people they’ve chosen to do business with lack experience, expertise, and legitimacy in any way.

As a veteran of the roofing industry in Florida, we’ve seen these types of unethical folks pass through here countless times in the last 25 years. Some of them travel great distances to get their hands in your pockets. If you’re not hiring local, reputable, experienced contractors only, you could be one of their next victims this hurricane season or next.

Satisfied Customers Say It All about Arry’s Roofing

The Tampa Bay Home Show at Tropicana Field in June gave us an opportunity to meet many new potential customers. Some of them will be calling on us to repair and replace roofs at their Gulf Coast homes this summer. But we’re especially pleased and grateful to be able to hear the appreciation of customers we have served in the past.

These customers were quick to share with our own Matt Housh the joy they experienced having Arry’s Roofing provide expert installation, high quality materials and exceptional customer service. One customer even pointed out that he’s hired Arry’s to handle roofing projects at four different homes.

One enthusiastic woman complimented our insulation work, calling it “impeccable.” She went on to say, “You were not messy. You did not crack our drywall ceiling.” Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that impress a customer most.

Gary Lewis, board member of Sun Ketch Town Homes, is another pleased customer we chatted with at Tropicana Field. He explained, “Arry’s started a project for us in November re-roofing 13 of our buildings.” Mr. Lewis had plenty to add right away. “They did a beautiful job,” he said. “We’re really happy with the outcome. The crews were fantastic, and we really appreciate the work that Arry’s did for us.”

Palm Harbor’s Shane Schwarzkopf also shared praise for Arry’s Roofing commenting on the entire process, from the initial estimate through completion. He said, “They did a fantastic job. They did what they said they were going to do, and I was very pleased with the overall product.” We’re glad we kept you smiling, Shane.

Summer is a terrific time to experience what these satisfied Arry’s Roofing customers are talking about. With hurricane season in place, there’s no better time to ensure your roof isn’t unnecessarily vulnerable. Plus, Arry’s Roofing is offering a summer promotion of Six Months Same as Cash. Call us today to get your roof repairs or replacement project started.

A Roof Replacement Plan During Hurricane Season

Nobody rings in hurricane season. It doesn’t arrive with fanfare and fireworks, like New Year’s Eve. It quietly slips in and goes unnoticed, except by the news media which uses the season’s arrival to cheerfully tell us the names of the storms that could end up destroying our property and altering our lives.

Hurricane season is underway and we’ve gotten a taste of it quickly. Less than a month after it started, Tropical Storm Debby arrived to give Florida plenty of weather action to stay busy. Strong winds may have ripped shingles off your neighbor’s home. Heavy rainfall may have flooded some of the areas you planned to drive through. But hopefully, you remained safe throughout the experience.

Photo by Chris Zuppa, Associated Press

We’re a long way from the end of the Atlantic hurricane season which ends on November 30. How you prepare for the next potential disaster between now and then is of the utmost importance. After all, your roof is your home’s most important system of protection so if your roof goes, everything else could easily follow.

If you believe your roof is not functioning at its best, for whatever reason, replacement timing becomes critical. Your roof’s ability to withstand severe storms, the kind generated by tropical weather systems, is a must during hurricane season. A compromised, weak and vulnerable roof provides no true protection and getting it replaced quickly could spare you property damage expense later on.

There is time to address and remedy those roofing concerns in Tampa Bay. By calling Arry’s Roofing, a 25+ year veteran of the industry, you can get an expert on site to evaluate your existing roof and make a recommendation. In some cases, repairs may be all that’s necessary to return your roof to tip-top shape. So make the call now before the next potential disaster finds its way to Florida.

A Sweet Summer Promotion for Tampa Bay

Summer in Tampa Bay is always sweet, but Arry’s Roofing is making it sweeter for our customers. That’s because we have a summer promotion that’s second to none. It’s a six-months-same-as-cash offer.

Who benefits? The answer is pretty much everybody in our service area who needs a new roof or repairs to an existing roof. That’s right. We’re making this promotion available to homeowners who need roof replacement and homeowners who need repairs. Qualified customers just need to get in on the deal before the end of August.

Roof replacement customers may need a new asphalt, tile, or metal roofing. We’re experts in working with each of those materials. Roof repair customers may be feeling inadequately protected following the impact of Tropical Storm Debby on the Gulf Coast and much of Florida.

Besides waiting six months to pay and not getting interest fees added to the expense, there is another terrific benefit to getting in on this summer promotion. It comes from a company that has achieved status as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Only a small percentage of roofers nationwide earn this distinction. It follows rigorous training and testing to ensure that our installation methods and procedures meet the superior standards established by the GAF Corporation.

Another reason to choose Arry’s Roofing for your repair and replacement needs in Tampa Bay comes from our track record for excellence. Not only have we been pleasing customers for more than 25 years, we’ve earned a trio of Excellence awards from GAF three years in a row. A few months ago, the company named Arry’s Roofing as a repeat recipient of Consumer Protection Excellence, Training Excellence, and Installation Excellence honors.

When you’re ready to take advantage of a sweet summer deal to take care of your home’s most important system of protection, call us at 727-938-9565. We’ll schedule a free estimate and answer any questions you have about the six-months-same-as-cash promotion. Until then, we invite you to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ArrysRoofing.

Congratulations to Tampa Bay’s Graduating Seniors

In the month of June, many Tampa Bay high school seniors will be bringing to a close one important chapter of their education. Whether those students and their families gather at Spronger Field, Ruth Eckerd Hall or Bayside Gym, there celebrations will be great ones. But the reality is, the future challenges will be even greater.

These graduating seniors, many earning academic and athletic honors for outstanding achievements, are now preparing to move forward with plans to continue their studies, enter the workforce or serve their country. Some may take the summer off; many may work during the next two and a half months in order to pay for school or other expenses.

The reality of reaching a point of freedom will begin settling in, if it hasn’t already. We wish each one of them the opportunity to safely pursue their dreams. May they be guided by wise parents, professors, mentors, friends and employers. May they learn from each challenge along the way.

For those graduating seniors in Tampa Bay who aspire to run their own businesses someday, may they learn to do so with integrity. May they remain ambitious in learning all they can to continuously improve their companies. May they deliver their service at the highest level of excellence possible.

Arry's Roofing Earns Its 7th Super Service Award from Angie's List.

No successful path in life is created alone. Role models shape and influence our development in any field, and finding strong role models now can create momentum in a career that takes today’s graduating senior to levels not yet reached. May these role models be available to the young minds who need them most.

Arry’s Roofing wishes graduating seniors in Tampa Bay all the best in transitioning from this accomplishment to the ones that will follow. Keep your standards high, your mind open, and your inner fire burning. We look forward to serving you when you need us and relying on your expertise when we need you someday.