4 Warning Signs Your Roof Is in Disrepair

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roof until there’s an obvious sign of damage. This is a mistake; being able to identify and address roofing problems before they cause widespread damage can save you time and money. In today’s post, Arry’s Roofing Services Inc., one of the leading roofing contractors, shares four warning signs it’s time to replace your roof.

4 Warnings Your Roof Is in Disrepair

1. Age

A good asphalt shingle roofing system can last up to 30 years. If yours is reaching that point,  it’s smart to ask professionals to inspect your system and provide a status update. An expert can tell you whether it’s safe to squeeze a few more years out of your system or if you need to replace it now.

2. Curling and Missing Shingles

Curling, cracked, or missing shingles are a very bad sign for your roof. This problem means your underlayment is exposed to the elements, which can lead to leaks. Contact your trusted roofers if you notice this problem.

3. Holes

Water has a way of seeping through even in the tiniest gaps. If you notice holes that allow rain into your home, consider getting professionals to check your roof. This is a serious matter that requires prompt attention.

4. Sagging Roof

A sagging roof often indicates a structural issue. There could be a problem with the decking in the attic or the foundation. Failing to address this poses an actual, physical risk to you and your family.

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