Best Ways to Optimize Your Roof for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the new curb appeal, and the roof contributes to it on a major scale. Since it’s constantly exposed to the sun, making sure it’s up to the task of mitigating heat gain and keeping your home’s overall indoor temperature low is critical.

Best Ways to Optimize Your Roof for Energy Efficiency

It’s high time to be serious about making your roofing system more energy efficient. Follow these sound pieces of advice from Arry’s Roofing:

Re-Roof With a “Cool” Roof

First off, upgrade to a “cool” roofing system when it comes time to replace your existing system. A “cool” roof has a highly reflective surface that blocks a great amount of heat-causing infrared radiation from the sun. Light colors generally absorb less heat, but, thanks to advanced technology, darker shades are delivering better reflectance than ever, giving you many design options for your cool roof.

Metal roofing systems are “coolest” on the market. But to really know how cool the product is, roofers rely on the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), which measures a roof’s combined thermal properties (reflectance and emittance). Expressed in numbers between 0 and 100, higher values are “cooler.”

Install Attic Insulation

Insulation serves as the thermal barrier between the attic and the living spaces below. It prevents the transmission of energy, stopping wanted indoor heat from going into the attic. Also, it keeps the heat your roof absorbs from the sun from affecting your indoor climate. Insulation installation is a complicated process. Hire real experts to ensure no gaps remain unsealed.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Roof leaks don’t directly affect energy efficiency; however, they can damage your attic insulation, rendering it ineffective. Insulation and water don’t mix. Schedule regular inspections to stay ahead of problems and carry out any necessary roof repair promptly.

Put a Premium on Cleaning

Roof cleaning doesn’t only address the superficial. Dirty roofs tend to attract more heat, while clean roofs do a better job at deflecting it.

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