Debunking the Most Persistent Myths About Attic Ventilation

No one debates the fact that proper attic ventilation is important to the health of a roofing system. But there is substantial confusion around what exactly “proper attic ventilation” really means and how exactly it affects your roof. In today’s post, we separate myth from reality:

Debunking the Most Persistent Myths About Attic Ventilation

Myth: Attic Ventilation Is Primarily for Energy Efficiency

Yes, proper ventilation helps expel the excessive heat in the attic, but it’s insulation that truly affects energy efficiency. Instead, vents help slow the wear and tear of your asphalt shingle roof. A hot attic will cook your shingles from the inside and cause them to buckle—a common problem faced by any roofing contractor. Attic ventilation is the key to avoiding this problem.

The More Vents the Better

This is false. Adding too many devices for passive or mechanical ventilation would most likely require new penetrations and holes in the roof, which makes your roofing system more vulnerable to the elements.

At Arry’s Roofing, we recommend using Attic Breeze for ventilation. Innovative roofers love this solar-powered fan because it efficiently maintains the optimal attic climate during the day. If you don’t have existing passive vents, Attic Breeze is the only device you need. Even if you do have existing passive vents, your roof’s ventilation system will still perform better with Attic Breeze.

Vent Installation Is a DIY Job

Even if you find insightful self-help materials about DIY attic ventilation installation, don’t skip professional services. Your step-by-step video might teach the method correctly, but only a real expert can complete a mistake-free installation.

In hopes of avoiding the labor cost by going the DIY route, you might end up spending far more on a major roof repair to correct the mistakes you made. Leave any roof-related matter to professionals.

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