Fine Appearance Meets Deep Protection Part 1: GAF Shingles

GAF is North America’s leading roofing manufacturer. The brand is provides premium fiberglass-asphalt shingles that they back with stellar warranties.

Fine Appearance Meets Deep Protection Part 1: GAF Shingles

For the first part of our special blog, we discuss GAF’s impressive line of roofing shingles:

Three-Tab Shingles

GAF’s three-tab shingles are perfect for homeowners on a limited budget. They’re economical, but extremely durable. Developed using GAF’s Advanced Protection® Technology, these three-tab shingles meet two of the industry’s most rigorous wind tests to stay in place and avoid blow-offs. They have also received a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories and are guaranteed to resist blue-green algae discoloration.

GAF’s three-tab shingles are the most stunning of their kind. The brand’s Royal Sovereign® and Marquis WeatherMax® are made with Color Lock Ceramic Firing process, lending them rich, vivid, fade-resistant granules.

Architectural Shingles

The Timberline® Architectural Shingle Series is GAF’s biggest claim to fame. As experienced roofing contractors, we can attest to the fact that these shingles offer the perfect balance among beauty, durability, and affordability. They mimic the look of genuine wood at a fraction of the cost. No wonder they’re the best-selling roofing shingle line in the country. Furthermore, GAF specialty varieties of Timberline Shingles deliver exceptional energy efficiency and impact resistance.

Designer Shingles

GAF’s Designer Shingles are the luxury you can afford. Each shingle features ultra-dimensionality, perfectly emulating the look of authentic wood shakes or slate tiles. Their artisan-crafted profiles, thick layers, and stunning colors bring elegance to your exterior, giving you impressive striking curb appeal. Engineered using the Advanced Protection Technology, nothing embodies beauty and brawn better than GAF’s finest line of asphalt shingles to date.

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