First Things to Do When a Storm Ravages Your Roof

Emergency roof repairs, even minor ones, are not meant for the amateur. Any repair that involves your roof is much better left to reputable professionals. Hiring professionals ensures both your own safety and a thorough and effective repair job.

First Things to Do When a Storm Ravages Your Roof

However, this doesn’t mean you have no role at all to play to prevent a leak from getting worse. When a storm damages your roof, do the following:

Call the Right Help Immediately

At the first sight of a roofing problem, call a roofing company that provides emergency repairs DURING an actual storm. The weather might be too severe for the roofers to repair the problem right away, but they can give you advice on temporary fixes and can make arrangements to come to your home as soon as conditions improve. When it comes to roof damage, prompt repair is essential.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Before you consider filing an insurance claim and tackling a roof repair or replacement as a long-term fix, read your policy first. Refreshing your memory helps you build a strong case, set your expectations, and prepare yourself for your talk with your insurer.

Notify Your Insurer

Waste no time in informing the claims department of your insurance company about your situation. Procrastinating could lead to the denial of your claim since most insurers set a time limit for filing a claim.

Request an Inspection

Set a face-to-face appointment with an insurance adjuster for inspection. Make sure your roofer is present during the meeting to advocate for your rights and defend your case. We document everything the moment we arrive at your home, producing solid evidence to support your claim.

In case your claim gets denied, we’ll help you explore other options until you get an adequate compensation for your loss. We’re one of the few roofers in the area that has mastered the navigation of the tricky insurance claims process.

When a storm damages your roof, Arry’s Roofing can help. Contact us immediately at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate in Tampa or nearby areas.