Hiring a Roofer: Why “Ask the Seal”?

Arry’s Roofing has partnered with The Seal, the gold standard in customer assurance in the roofing industry, to give our customers complete peace of mind about the high quality of our services. Our partnership with this organization tells you that our license and insurance are legitimate, guaranteeing we are not claiming to be something we are not.


Here’s what “Ask the Seal” means for you:

Meeting Your Roofers Before They Arrive

Before our actual visit to your home, we’ll email you the SEAL-MAIL appointment confirmation, which allows you to connect with The Seal’s online system. This gives you access to the names, photos, and personal bios of the roofers who will be working on your home—before they ever step foot on your property.

All companies can send you an email of employee profiles, but only those working with The Seal can provide a third-party verification of background check. The Seal conducts annual criminal and sex offender background checks on all of our employees. We’ll email you the photo of our representatives with proof of the background check directly from The Seal.

Protecting Your Family Down the Road

Unfortunately, many criminals use their employment to find their next victim. Our partnership with The Seal helps keep your family safe from dangerous criminals posing as contractors during and after your roofing project.

The SEAL-MAIL ensures that the roofing professionals working in your home are professional and honest. Unlike other companies, The Seal performs complete checks and pays attention to bad reports to filter out potentially dangerous roofers.

Rating the Service

The Seal doesn’t just provide you with security and confidence, but also the opportunity to recommend reliable roofing contractors to other homeowners. After the project, we’ll follow up with work completed notification SEAL-MAIL. It allows you to rate the service you received and express comments on your satisfaction level. The Seal will make sure your reviews spread as far as possible, reaching popular channels, such as Angie’s List and Facebook.

If you live in St. Petersburg, or Largo, FL, and are looking for a reliable roofer, choose a company with the Seal of Security and Confidence, like Arry’s Roofing. Call us today at (727) 362-2230 to schedule your FREE roof inspection to discuss your needs and get an estimate.