Maintenance Checklist for Fall

The overall functionality of your home depends on the quality of each individual component. This fall, make sure the core components of your home are in good shape, so you’ll be well protected when harsher weather arrives in the winter. Read on as Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc., one of the premier roofers in the region, shares a maintenance checklist for fall:

Maintenance Checklist For Fall

1. Gutters

Your gutters play a critical role in protecting your roof and your home from water damage. Gutters are vulnerable to clogs from debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. A clog is dangerous because it prevents your gutters from properly draining water away from your home. Either invest in a gutter protection system or be prepared to routinely clean out your gutters.

2. Shingles

Investing in regular foof cleaning and maintenance can help you prolong the service life of your roof. An inspection will also uncover any shingle tabs that have come loose, curled, or warped. Professional roofing contractors can check the system and suggest necessary repairs. They can also examine other related components, such as downspouts, vent pipes, and gutters.

3. Vents

Adequate ventilation increases your home’s comfort levels and also helps lower your energy bills. The neoprene or rubber of your vents, however, can crack over time. Resealing will fix this hitch while keeping unwanted animals and water out.

4. Attic

The roof is not always the culprit of leaks. Some cases stem from the attic. Improper ventilation, plumbing, and a faulty air conditioning unit can lead to mold and algae growth. Inadequate insulation can also affect the inside temperature.

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