The Other Roof Jobs — Know When and Why You Need Them: PART I – Roof Leak Detection

Oftentimes, when the subject of roofing comes up, homeowners immediately think of visible or very apparent “leaks” or “roof damage,” and the steps they need to take to fix any problems that have cropped up. Consequently, roofing is often thought of in terms of what repairs will need to be done to resolve existing (rather than potential) issues, or whether a full roof replacement is called for. Seldom do we think of other, equally important preventive maintenance measures we should undertake regularly to keep our roofs in good order.

Let’s correct that oversight by taking a quick look at some of those other roof jobs that you may need to have performed to keep things in good repair. Let’s start off with roof leak detection.

Roof Leak Detection Service: Why You Need One

If you notice water stains that extend across the ceiling or run down the wall, don’t ignore it! It is highly likely that there’s a “hidden” roof leak somewhere, one you should have fixed right away. Even if it doesn’t bother you directly or you are set to replace the roof soon, you should not delay leak detection and repair.

Even small leaks can lead to big problems, including the following:

● Mold and mildew buildup, which can cause various health problems
● Framing and sheathing rot
● Insulation and ceiling damage
● Foundation problems
● Flooding

If you do not want to deal with an extensive and expensive repair or replacement job in the future, you must not ignore those water stains! Call a professional in for a thorough roof leak detection immediately.

How is It Done?

Roof leaks are definitely a headache, and finding and mending them yourself is just not a good idea. The time you spend trying to trace the source of the leak and figuring out how to fix the problem is time you can better spend on other things. Hiring a professional can help minimize the stress that this common roof issue brings about.

Roof leak detection will help confirm if there really is a leak that you should be worried about. There some cases where the drip is caused by the heating or AC system that has been forming condensation. Sometimes, a burst pipe could be the culprit. Once the roofer rules out these possibilities and determines that there is indeed a leak, they can proceed to check where the leak is coming from. Typically, they will look for the following:

● Loose, cracked, and rotting shingles
● Roof nails that have backed out
● Damaged or loose flashing
● Cracks around the plumbing vent and other penetrations

Water can be destructive if it finds its way into your home unexpectedly. Thus, roof leak detection is something that you should not delay.

In the next post, we discuss the dangers of hail damage and what you must do about it, so stay tuned!