The Upsides of Re-Roofing With Clay or Concrete Tiles

Clay and concrete tiles have long been the roofing material of choice for many homeowners. Their unique set of winning qualities is beyond comparison, and includes exceptional protection, home value, and energy efficiency.

The Upsides of Re-Roofing With Clay or Concrete Tiles

What makes tile roofing products a great investment? Arry’s Roofing explains how they fare in these critical areas:

Weather Resistance

The toughness of clay and concrete tiles is unquestionable. Roof tiles have a Class A fire rating and have passed the strictest hail resistance tests. With proper installation and stringent fastening requirements, they can withstand Florida’s 150 mph wind speeds and survive earthquakes.


Clay and concrete roofing tiles are uniquely appealing. They may be emblematic of Mediterranean homes, but they can emulate wood and slate to complement other architectural styles too. They come in an array of colors and styles, giving you more aesthetic options than the typical red tubular roof tiles.

Energy Performance

Thanks to modern engineering designs, today’s tile roofing systems deliver excellent ventilation. They naturally increase the airflow under the tiles, reducing the transfer of heat better than other materials.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to other materials, the outlay of a tile roof replacement may be a bit higher. In the grand scheme of things, though, you can actually get more bang for your buck if you choose clay or concrete roofing tiles. They have a life expectancy of over 50 years, require minimal upkeep over the years, and provide excellent energy savings.


Clay and concrete tiles are made from natural materials. They require no chemical preservatives in production and can be recycled, causing no negative impact on the environment and saving scarce landfill space. With their long lifespan, tile roofs don’t deplete precious natural resources.

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