Your Source for a Quality Standing Seam Metal Roof for Your Dunedin, FL, Area Home

Standing Seam Metal Roof Dunedin FLIf your home in Dunedin, Florida, needs a new roof and you’re planning to replace it with a metal roof, you’re making a great choice. Arry’s Roofing, the Tampa Bay area’s premier roofing professionals, can install a beautiful standing seam metal roof on your home that will offer a lifetime of superior protection from the elements.

An Eye-Catching Design

There’s no doubt about it – standing seam metal roofs are gorgeous. This type of roof consists of vertical metal panels, available in a wide range of colors to complement your home, that extend from the roof’s ridge down to the eaves. The upturned edges of each panel create noticeable lines that evoke the classic metal-roof look that discerning homeowners in Dunedin, FL, crave.

Benefits That Go On & On

In addition to beautifying the exterior of your home, a vertical seam metal roof from Arry’s Roofing will provide the following benefits:

  • Unrivaled durability – Owning a home in Florida means having to take our volatile hurricane season into account. You’ll be pleased to know that our metal roofs can withstand winds of up to 150 mph, not to mention that they’re resistant to fires. Each of these benefits can earn you lower premiums from your home insurance company.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency – Unlike other roofing systems that absorb heat, a metal roof will reflect heat away from your home. This, along with a well-ventilated design, will help your attic stay cool, reducing the burden of your HVAC system and potentially lowering your monthly energy bills.
  • Increased home value – With a lifespan of 50 years, a metal roof from Arry’s Roofing can add significant value to your home if you decide to sell down the road.

A Trusted Name in Roofing Services

Arry’s Roofing is the only name you need to know when it comes to metal roofs. Not only are we highly experienced with these types of roofs, but we also have our own metal shop where we can custom-design metal panels to fit the unique architecture of your home in the Dunedin, FL, area. To learn more about having a standing seam metal roof installed on your home, contact us today.