Industry-Leading Timberline Solar Panels to Make Your St. Petersburg, FL, Home More Energy Efficient

Timberline solar roof on a brick residential home.Did you know that Arry’s Roofing offers various energy-saving solar products for your St. Petersburg, Florida, home? While traditional solar panels have been the go-to choice for homeowners throughout the country, GAF Energy has introduced a new player in the game: Timberline Solar shingles. This roofing system is beautiful and simple in its design. It is composed of solar shingles that are incredibly durable, attractive, and water-shedding, and its installation process is much simpler than that of traditional solar panels. Plus, Timberline solar panels, or solar shingles, are nailed directly onto your roof rather than flashed or mounted, making the installation process quick and efficient.

How Do GAF Energy Timberline Solar Panels Work?

The biggest advantage of Timberline solar panels is their ability to potentially save you money on your monthly energy bills. This roof is engineered to generate energy from the sun, so you can have a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly household.

What’s more, GAF Energy Timberline Solar Energy Shingles come in an array of beautiful colors that will be sure to boost your home’s curb appeal. This roofing system comes in:

  • Birchwood Plus
  • Charcoal
  • Pewter Gray Plus
  • Weathered Wood Plus

No matter which color you choose, your home will receive a trendy, refreshed look.

Industry-Best Solar Panels

GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar roofing system is more than just your average asphalt shingle roof with flashed-on solar panels. This roofing system is innovative, and it provides clean energy for your St. Petersburg, FL, home. To learn more about Timberline solar panels, or solar shingles, contact Arry’s Roofing today. We look forward to speaking with you.