Safety First for Tampa Roofers

Anyone feeling superstitious on Friday the 13th? We have the added appearance of a full moon on this particular day that might make some people feel extra jittery. But Arry’s Roofing doesn’t believe in good luck or bad luck regarding the safety of our crews, only preparation and execution.

Safety first is not something you’ll just hear spoken around here. It’s part of the culture. In fact, we devoted time to safety training today with our entire staff present for the session. 

Quality Inn in Tarpon Springs hosted this important safety training session and we turned to an expert in the field to present to us. David Ibanez from US Safety in Fort Myers made the presentation to the Arry’s Roofing group, and we’re grateful for the time and insight. 

Roofers, like any home improvement contractors, must stay informed regarding the ever-changing nature of safety rules and regulations as we fine tune our own policies and procedures. Not every contractor does the same thing. You may be surprised to find out many roofing contractors don’t have any safety rules to follow. That can lead to injuries to workers on your property or even worse. It can also lead to property damage that you end up paying for if that contractor isn’t insured.

The next time you hire Arry’s Roofing to repair your Tampa roof or install a new one, take a note of the safety protocol that’s apparent. We encourage you to even make a mention of it in any review you share on our site or any of our social media pages. We feel it’s important to protect our employees, our customers and our community so it remains a top priority for us. 

As you consider the need for safety related to your Tampa roofers, take a moment to think about the safety measures you have in place for your own workplace and even your own home. What are you doing to make sure everyone under your roof stays safe day to day and how are you minimizing risk on the job?

We invite you to share any safety-related thoughts with us on this page or any of our social media pages. If we just completed work on your Tampa roof, let us know what you think of our “safety first” approach. 

Arrys safety training June 2014