Update the Way You Insulate

Newcomers and long-time residents along Florida’s Gulf Coast recognize the tremendous beauty of the Bay Area. Many homeowners further enhance the look of the area with improvements to their own properties, adding curb appeal to a home and more personality to neighborhoods like Seminole Heights and Carrollwood in Tampa and Driftwood and Bahama Shores in St. Petersburg. Yet homeowners focused on visual improvements to a home may neglect one critical area that largely remains unseen.

It’s not an attractive part of the home, but attic insulation provides an important function as it controls energy loss in your home, year round. It can mean the difference between feeling cool and comfortable during a Florida summer and feeling miserable—or paying higher-than-necessary utility bills due to an air conditioner or furnace consuming more energy. One factor is the age of your insulation. Attic insulation that’s ten years old or older is likely no longer functioning at 100% and should be replaced immediately. If you’ve purchased a home in the Bay Area in the last few years and don’t know the age of your home’s attic insulation, don’t assume the insulation is sufficient.

Even homes with new construction are not necessarily adequately insulated. One variable is the type of insulation used in your attic. While most homeowners are acquainted with rolls of insulation, they may not be aware of the added benefits of blown-in insulation, such as the kind offered by Owens Corning. According to www.energystar.gov, 15.5 inches of Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation can save a homeowner up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

Whether you’re unsure about the efficiency of your insulation or already planning to replace it, Arry’s Roofing can help. We’ve worked with many of your Gulf Coast neighbors and we’d love to with you. Learn more about our services by clicking on the link below.

Replace Your Inadequate Attic Insulation