Watching Sandy from the Sidelines


Image courtesy of NOAA and Associated Press

It’s likely you know someone affected by the superstorm still moving through the Northeast. Although Hurricane Sandy made landfall on Monday in New Jersey, the massive weather system continues to impact millions of people a day later. From power outages to closed transit systems, residents of multiple states are experiencing the impact often reserved for Florida and states in this part of the country.

As the storm passes, its immediate effects will be lessened. The strong winds will subside. Water from flooded areas will recede. Power will be restored. But the longer lasting results of Sandy may felt by homeowners and commercial property owners for months.

One challenge for these residents will be securing help to repair their homes and businesses and restore normalcy to their lives. Even before the storm is done pounding states like New York, New Jersey and West Virginia, residents are turning to home improvement contractors for help protecting their property and their assets. These emergency services are critical in sparing future expense related to roof and structure damage caused by Sandy.

Once the emergency period is over, a full assessment of key areas, such as the roofing system, is necessary. Not all damage caused by high winds is visible, and leaks can begin showing days after the storm has passed. An expert evaluation can tell a homeowner what hidden damage to the roof exists, if any, and the extent of that damage.

For some homeowners, repairs by a reputable roofer may be sufficient to restore a roof’s integrity and return it to good condition. Yet some of these homeowners may fall prey to unethical roofers who unnecessarily recommend a roof replacement simply for the sake of profit. That’s why protecting your home and protecting your bank account demands finding reliable roofers with a track record of doing business in the community in which you live and work.

In Tampa Bay, we see this kind of situation when tropical storms, hurricanes and other severe weather conditions hit the Florida and the Gulf Coast. We caution our neighbors to be aware of deceptive or bad business practices. Now you can help us caution your friends and family members who may be dealing with damage and devastation caused by Sandy. Let them know good roofing companies with solid reputations are always the place to turn to for both emergencies and long-term roof repair and replacement needs.