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No Roof Left Behind

NRLBCertifiedContractor1Arry’s Roofing is proud to announce a winner in our No Roof Left Behind promotion. Congratulations to Cody Hughes from Tampa, who will receive a free roof replacement from Arry’s Roofing! Check out the details here.

No Roof Left Behind is a national coalition dedicated to installing a new roof system to a needy family. Our territory is right here in the Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater area. The new roof installation is valued at between $12,000 and $15,000.

Our 2013 winner was Linda Hunsinger from St. Pete. Linda is a single mom with three small children. She receives little child support, works full time, and goes to school two nights a week. Read her story here on the No Roof Left Behind website.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat-100_3035On October 23, 2010 Arry’s Roofing took part in National Make a Difference day. In cooperation with Master Restoration and Pasco Habitat for Humanity, Arry’s Roofing made a difference in the life of Michael Keech of New Port Richey.

Mr. Keech happily showed off his beloved seeing eye dog, Shadow, to any of us who would watch as our crew of about 15 roofing professionals tore off and replaced his failing roof. Mr. Keech said that he was ready to walk away from his home because his insurance company threatened to cancel his coverage if he didn’t replace the roof, something he was unable to afford on his limited disability income.

100_3049We at Arry’s Roofing could not stand by and let Mr. Keech lose his home. Our Tampa roofing experts rebuilt his roof for free, allowing Mr. Keech and Shadow to remain in their home. With help from the Arry’s Roofing family, their family now has a safe, quality roof over their heads.

For more than 25 years we have been committed to the Tampa area communities that we serve, and we will continue this commitment as long as we are in business.

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