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Wind Mitigation Features and Techniques: A Guide for Homeowners

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Nature has a number of ways to make us stand in awe for its many wonders, but it also has ways to surprise and catch us unprepared for destructive conditions that it can bring. As a homeowner, you naturally want to protect your home from nature’s wrath, don’t you? One of the weather disturbances that you need to keep your home prepared for is high winds. And to do that, you need to have wind mitigation strategies and features in place.

What is Wind Mitigation?

Wind mitigation, put simply, is the process of adding safety and protection features to your home that will help it withstand and have increased resistance against high winds that may be caused by a strong storm or hurricane.

Common Wind Mitigation Features and Techniques

There are many wind mitigation strategies that you can choose and apply to your home, including the following:

Roof Covering
In this technique, a 2001 FBC, 1994 SFBC, or an equivalent roof covering is installed over the living space.


Roof to Wall Connection
In this mitigation strategy, the home is equipped with metal clips, single wraps, or double wraps that secure the roof structure to the home’s walls.


Roof Deck Attachment
In this technique, the roof deck of the home, which is often plywood, is securely fastened to the trusses or rafters of the primary roof structure.


Roof Geometry
According to actuarial and engineering studies, a roof that consists mostly of hip shapes offer more protection and resistance against high winds.


Secondary Water Resistance or Barriers
In this method, secondary water barriers are installed in the attic space and on the top of the roof deck. The additional barrier prevents water intrusion that is likely to occur when roof shingles are blown away by high winds.


Opening Protection
Devices known as Opening Protective Devices are installed on all openings, particularly windows and doors. These devices include shutters and impact-tested windows.


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