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attic insulationVentilation: The Key to Good Roof Health

It is often an overlooked part of planning for roof replacement but proper roof ventilation is a critical aspect of keeping your roof in good shape. Even newer roofs – installed only a couple of years ago – will be susceptible to problems caused by poor ventilation. At Arry’s Roofing, we make proper ventilation part of the overall plan for all of our Saint Petersburg roofing projects, residential and commercial.

The goal of ventilation is to balance the air inside and outside. By removing excess heat and moisture from the attic, ventilation for roofing in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the Tampa area prevents premature damage to your roofing materials. This kind of early damage weakens your roof’s ability to offer adequate protection for your home and withstand typical weather conditions. It can even lead to damage to your home’s structure.

Attic-catThe impact inside your home can be seen as well in a variety of ways. Poor ventilation is evident in higher energy costs triggered by the trapped heat and moisture in the attic as well as damage to personal items stored in the attic. You may begin noticing condensation in the attic that comes from use of many appliances downstairs, including your washing machine and dishwasher.

The direct impact of that condensation on your roofing materials can be seen in warped roof decks, weakened by the moisture and lack of air circulation. Inside your attic, the effects may be apparent in rust that forms on nails, straps holding ductwork, and any other uncoated metal items. Mold, mildew and fungi also become a threat in attics with poor ventilation.

When you’re ready to replace your roofing in St. Petersburg or anywhere in Tampa Bay, consult with an expert in both roofing and ventilation. It will extend the life of your new roofing system, and save both money and aggravation in the long run.

Insulation: Controlling Energy Loss

Just like ventilation, insulation is another critical aspect of keeping the climate of your attic and your home in check. Older homes often have less than adequate levels of insulation, yet many newer homes do not fare much better. Contacting the Tampa – St. Petersburg roofing expert, Arry’s Roofing, can ensure your attic insulation is above a standard level and reduces your energy costs for years to come.

The basic function of attic insulation is to keep heated or cooled air inside your home. Of course, you will pay more to control the climate inside when that air escapes through ceilings and the roof. Even small gaps in insulation coverage are enough to result in higher energy bills.

Your goal as a homeowner is to select the way to best keep the climate within your control. That involves gaining some awareness of your options in attic insulation. A familiar brand for many people is Owens Corning, and Arry’s Roofing is a certified provider of Owens Corning products. We recommend blown-in insulation, fiberglass or cellulose, to our customers for two reasons. First, its thermal resistance is higher than standard rolls of insulation. Second, it’s the ideal solution for older homes because it can be blown into attics and walls without any extra steps involved.

solar panel

Solar Powered Ventilation

Arry’s is proud to offer and install Attic Breeze, a revolutionary solar-powered attic fan that pulls hot air out of your attic. Attic Breeze can be installed on tile roofs, shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and gables or walls. Attic Breeze was selected by the Texas Energy Conservation Office as the winner of the 2011 Eureka Awards, which annually honor innovative green technologies.

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