Fall 2013

Meet the Hunsinger family! We invite you to read their story and find out why they were selected as a No Roof Left Behind winner!


DREAMS DO COME TRUE!  Only a few months ago, I found a solution to solve a home repair and a health problem that affected my three beautiful children, Anthony, Elizabeth and Robbie.  It was all possible thanks to my dear friend Dave Trull who told me about a community event called No Roof Left Behind.  I learned that NRLB selected a superb certified roofing company, Arry’s Roofing to provide a new roof to a deserving homeowner.  Arry’s Roofing was to run the program here in Florida and our specific county of Pinellas for the first time ever.  Both companies made my dreams of a new roof come true.

Our family is so grateful to be the winner of the NOROOFLEFTBEHIND free roof program.  The online timeline is so amazing! There were over 120 applicants entering online at WWW.NOROOFLEFTBEHIND.COM by July 20th. Arry’s and a team of people then had to narrow the entrants down to four finalists by the beginning of August. On August 2nd, the competition was on!  It was up to each finalist to pull through the 34 days of voting, asking for help from our community, neighbors, family and friends across the world.  We had votes come in from Canada, Hawaii, across the United States, even Curacao.  Our family walked the neighborhood, handed out flyers at all the stores we frequent and I started a Facebook page to reach old and new friends.  On September 9, 2013 we found out that we had the most votes and would be the recipient of a brand new roof!

The day came to celebrate everyone’s great effort in making this dream come true for us.  On November 2, 2013 after a short rain storm, everyone pressed on to install our new roof.  I was so excited to meet Arry, his wife Becky, their two sons, Matthew and Stephen and the rest of the Arry’s crew.  I also met the representative from GAF.  I shared with him how I loved GAF’s website in how it can lead you to a home close by to actually see the color and style of the product on a home.  I hope that our home now will be one of them for the public to see!  The crew of installers and Arry’s staff were so professional, polite and a dream to work with during the planning, installation and celebration.

During our celebration, we had great music from both THE EAGLE- 107.3 and WDUV-105.5.  Our family met the crew from MOR-TV.  All the children received MOR-TV back pack bags filled with goodies.  Arry’s Roofing surprised the children with face painting by a local artist and bouncing fun by Bay Bounce during the celebration.  Arry’s Roofing organized for food all day long from Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts and Hungry Howie’s pizza.  My networking friend, Carole Newman-Garrett provided coffee and tea from OrganoGold for everyone.  It was great to meet families in our community and neighbors as we all watched the speedy install of our roof.

The day got even better when Arry’s Roofing went above and beyond the task of a new roof by surprising me with the news that they have coordinated with another amazing company, Boyle’s Aluminum and Screening to design and install all new gutters on our home.  One week later,  I meet with Craig Boyle, Evans Moriartey and Jarod Chard who travelled down from Tarpon Springs to add their beautiful white gutters to our home.  Wow, the Hunsinger House is now a safe, dry, complete “home”.

I now have the PEACE of mind that when it RAINS, water will NEVER leak into the walls and create mold issues ever again.


Very gratefully yours,

Linda, Anthony, Elizabeth & Robbie Hunsinger