Fall 2016

Meet the Vasapolli family! We invite you to read their story and find out why they were selected as a No Roof Left Behind winner!

Roof For Ava!

Donna has always assisted those in need but now she is in need of help herself. A cancer survivor and the most positive person I have ever met, she lived joyfully for her only child Jillian and grand daughter Ava. But that was before 20 year old Jillian’s life was cut short in a fatal shooting. Now devastated, she has struggled both emotionally and financially since. Most concerning is the situation with her roof, The burden of its condition is a big worry to her. A section of the ceiling in one room has collapsed. When it rains the water drips thru the light fixtures in the kitchen and water seeps between the walls and the paint. It is a horrible situation to live with. A new roof would mean so much to this family and would a big help towards a better life for Donna and Ava! 

Thank you so much for all that served!!