The GAF Energy Solar Roof System Will Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Tampa, FL, Home

Solar panels flashed to gray shingled roof

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular among many Florida homeowners, which makes sense since this is the Sunshine State and there is no shortage of energy-producing sunlight. If you’re a Tampa homeowner who is curious about the perks of switching to solar energy, now is the perfect time to take the first steps toward going green. At Arry’s Roofing, we proudly offer the GAF Energy Solar Roof System. This state-of-the-art roofing system combines the beauty and durability of GAF’s shingle roofs with the environmentally friendly performance of solar panels. Even better, you won’t have to rely on two separate roofing and solar panel contractors to have this outstanding system installed.

What is the GAF Energy Solar Roof System?

The GAF Energy Solar Roof System is a shingled roof system with integrated solar panels. These panels are flashed to the roof as opposed to being nailed, reducing the chance of leaks. Furthermore, thanks to their flashed design, these solar panels provide a sleek, low-profile appearance that won’t hurt your home’s curb appeal. And to ensure your investment is protected, the GAF Energy Solar Roof System comes backed by a 25-year warranty that covers the whole system, from the shingles to the panels.

The Perks of Going Green

Altogether, households in the United States emit about 5.43 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year. With the GAF Energy Solar Roof System, you can help reduce harmful CO2 emissions by replacing the use of fossil fuel with solar energy, also known as green energy. What’s more, relying on green energy can also result in more money staying in your pocket. By switching to solar, you’ll no longer have to rely on fossil fuel-burning utility companies, which can result in lower energy bills. You may even be eligible for special tax incentives or tax credits, putting green back in your wallet.  

Go Solar Today!

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