How to Choose a Good Roofing Company Serving Tarpon Springs, FL

Roofing Company Tarpon Springs FLIf your roof needs attention from a professional, you’re probably not excited to begin searching through all the roofing companies that promise they’re the best choice for your home. You’ve likely heard too many horror stories to trust anyone’s word. So, how do you find a light at the end of the tunnel?

To make your life easier, here are some qualities to look for in your search:

A Full Range of Roofing Services

Just because your roof is damaged doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. Beware of a company that only offers replacement services or is too eager to replace your roof, particularly if your roof is less than 10 years old. An inspection may reveal that only minor repairs are needed. Look for a company that is willing to inspect your roof first before jumping straight into a replacement.

Quality Roofing Materials

If it turns out that a worse-case scenario is your reality and your home needs a new roof, you want to be sure that you get the most from your investment. A lot of contractors only install asphalt roofing systems, and while this is certainly a good option—and the most popular one in the country—there are other types of roofs out there that may work better for your needs. For instance, some homeowners may want to make one final investment in a new roof and never have to do it again, in which case, a metal roof may be ideal.

Manufacturer Relationships

Some roofing manufacturers offer training programs on best installation practices. Roofing companies that take up the manufacturer on these training sessions are typically able to offer better warranties than others due to their demonstration of top-tier craftsmanship. Don’t be afraid to ask a roofing contractor if they’re factory trained. If they are, you know they take their work seriously and can be trusted with your investment.

The Premier Roofing Company for Your Home

Homeowners in Tarpon Springs, FL, and elsewhere in Pinellas County can rely on Arry’s Roofing, the Tampa Bay area’s premier roofing professionals since 1990. We are local and family-owned, and we always strive to take the best care of our customers before, during, and after our services are complete.

We proudly offer the following:

Roof Repairs

If your roof is still young but you’re worried that it may have been damaged, we’ll be happy to inspect it. You can trust that we’ll identify all the issues that need to be addressed, and we’ll always provide the appropriate repairs before we recommend a replacement.

Storm Damage Insurance Mitigation

The most likely cause of roof damage is a powerful storm that rolled through the area. At Arry’s Roofing, we have the experience and expertise to help mitigate the insurance claims process for you, ensuring that all necessary repairs are documented.

Roof Replacements

In the event that your roof needs to be upgraded, we can replace it with industry-leading asphalt shingles, metal seams, concrete or clay tiles, or a flat roofing system. Additionally, we have solar roofing available, as well as our own hurricane-proof Cat III roof.

Roof Maintenance

The best way to stave off the need for repairs or a replacement is regular maintenance. With our Maintain and Sustain roof maintenance program, we will regularly inspect your roof to ensure it’s performing as expected. We may even be able to extend your warranty under this program.

At Arry’s Roofing, we have longstanding relationships with our manufacturers. In fact, we’re a GAF Master Elite Contractor, a title that only 2% of roofing companies in the nation can boast, so you know we are the trusted choice for your home.

To speak with a representative about the needs of your roof in the Tarpon Springs, FL, area, contact Arry’s Roofing today.