3 Great Home Improvement Projects for a Healthy Home

Most people spend at least half of their days inside their homes. That’s why we should maintain our homes, to support and promote our health and wellbeing. To promote good indoor air quality and increase your home’s comfort level, make sure your home is leak-free and well ventilated. Arry’s Roofing suggests three home improvement projects for a healthier home.

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Roof Maintenance

Your roof protects your home from the harsh weather. It’s exposed to the elements 24/7, so expect to see some wear and tear eventually. These small cracks can lead to eventual leaks and costly water damage. In addition, these can lead to mold growth that can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. That’s why it’s important to maintain your Tampa- Clearwater roofing regularly.

As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, we’re part of the top 3% of all roofers in North America. We have the experience and skills necessary to handle any roofing problem and to maintain any kind of roof. We’ll fix your roof’s small problems before these turn into full-blown crises.

Skylight Installation

Proper ventilation also matters for a healthy home. The typical family produces up to 10 liters of water per day in moisture. This increased moisture causes poor indoor air quality. That’s why you’ll need to air out your home at least three times a day. This refreshes the indoor air and improves its quality. One of the best ways to ventilate your home is through our VELUX skylights.

Skylights make the most of the “stack effect” to maximize your home’s natural ventilation. Warm air rises towards the open skylight, just as cooler air replaces it. This constantly replaces your old moisture-filled air. Skylights are an excellent source of natural light. Sunlight can help improve your productivity, improve your mood, reduce stress, and save you energy on electric lights.

Gutter Maintenance

Your gutters are a part of your Saint Petersburg roofing that need attention, as well. These redirect water away from your home, preventing leaks, and water damage to your foundation and siding. We’re gutter specialists who can diagnose your gutters and fix any potential problems, saving you the headache of dealing with a leaky gutter. We can even install a gutter protection system to reduce the gutter’s maintenance needs and prevent clogs.

Your home will be healthier and more comfortable once you finish these projects. You’ll breathe clean and fresh air, your house will be free from mold and leaks. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of natural light. Arry’s Roofing has helped hundreds of satisfied customers in Saint Petersburg and the surrounding areas through the years. Call us to learn more about our products and services or to get a free estimate.