3 Practical Tips on Assessing Storm Damage

No roof is safe from a major hurricane. Whether your roofing system is 30 years or 30 days old, you must always be vigilant when it comes to the prospect of damage.

Storm Damage

Here, Arry’s Roofing shares a few tips on the proper way to assess your home for damage after a destructive storm tears through your neighborhood:

Look for Red Flags

Start from the inside. Go to your attic and search for any signs of water leakage. Wet spots on the ceiling and walls are causes for concern. If you don’t find anything, go outside and visually inspect all four corners of your roof from the ground. As your trusted roofers, we strongly recommend waiting until the weather improves to do this.

The kind of structural damage to check for depends on your roofing material. Keep an eye on cracked, bruised, or missing pieces if you have shingles or tiles. Look for dents or displaced pieces if you have metal panels. We never recommend climbing onto your roof to have a closer look. Even if you know your way around ladders, leave the job for professionals so you don’t put yourself at risk of an accident.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Tell your insurance company right away if you find damage. They can then conduct their own investigation in order to approve the claim you’re filing. All insurance companies accept calls day and night. Honest roofing contractors would advise you not to wait, or else you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

Call for Emergency Repairs

It may take days before a representative from your insurance company comes and visits your property. Until then, avoid further damage or your claim may be denied.

Call a professional roofing company to perform emergency repairs; an experienced roofer would tarp every hole and remove standing water to dry the affected area. At Arry’s Roofing, we’ll also document everything to support your claim. If your insurance company requires proof that your roof could have still lasted for a minimum of three more years prior to the storm, we can help you produce the evidence. Rely on our experience and integrity to make a strong case and be rightfully compensated.

Make sound decisions to minimize storm damage and protect your pocket from potentially steep repair costs. Call Arry’s Roofing now at (727) 938-9565 for your FREE roof evaluation. We serve homeowners in St. Petersburg and Largo, FL.