4 Things You Need to Know about Your Soffit and Fascia

How well do you know your roof? It pays to learn about the different parts of your Tampa roofing: you can’t protect them from damage if you don’t know what they are. Here you can get an idea of what they do, where they can be found, and how they get damaged.

✓     Both are found below the roof edge and run along its entire length. The fascia is the horizontal beam that holds the gutters and drainpipes while the soffit is the exposed surface of a roof overhang or eave. The fascia and soffit are attached to each other and close the gap between the edge of the roof and the wall of the house.

✓     The soffit aids in attic ventilation. It typically has vents or small holes to let air in. The soffit is important in keeping the roof cool and flushing out excess moisture and heat in the attic space.

✓     The fascia acts as both protection and trim. The fascia board gives the roof edge a smooth finish for enhanced curb appeal. It also serves as protection against the elements. With the fascia as protection, moisture cannot come in and eat away at the roof framing and walls.

✓     Both commonly suffer from water damage. The fascia is especially vulnerable since it’s so near the gutters. Clogged and leaky gutters can cause the fascia and soffit boards to get soaked, exposing them to mold and rot. Additionally, soffit boards can get damaged by small nesting animals and untrimmed branches that nick, chip, or puncture the boards.

Repairing or replacing the soffit and fascia can be tricky, and it’s best left in expert hands. When you’re having trouble with faulty or decaying soffit and fascia boards, turn to Arry’s Roofing Services for solutions.

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