5 Reasons to Have Your Roof Cleaned by Arry’s Roofing

The roof accumulates dirt and gets damaged over time due to the elements. Large debris, including tree branches and leaves, can cause your roof to crack and sag. Also, it is prone to mold growth which is hazardous to your health. That’s why it’s important to keep your roof clean.

Here are five reasons why you should let our professional roofing contractors in St. Petersburg FL at Arry’s Roofing handle your roof cleaning:

1) Reduced cooling cost: Roofs covered with dirt can attract heat, while clean and well-maintained roofs deflect it. A darker roof is said to generate more heat. Moreover, a heated roof may increase your cooling demands, making your HVAC system work harder than necessary to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.

2) Additional savings: Well-maintained roofs are often free of organisms that can be damaging to the roofing materials. This may extend your roof’s service life.

3) Increased home value: A clean and properly maintained roof may significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. When trying to sell your property, this will help keep negotiations in your favor.

4) Good health: Removing mold spores and algae on your own may pose a hazard to your health, especially when inhaled. Opt to hire a well-trained professional to eliminate them and ensure your safety.

5) Waterproofing: Accumulated debris can crack your roof’s surface and damage your entire roofing system, as it allows water to penetrate inside your home. A well-maintained roof is more apt to be waterproof.

Keeping your roof clean is necessary so it can function properly and meet or even go beyond its life expectancy. If you let molds keep on building up on your roof, they may obstruct your roofing system’s natural drainage, which may lead to more costly damage.

Don’t let a dirty roof cause troubles to your home. Let the team of well-trained roofers in St. Petersburg FL from Arry’s Roofing help you with your roof maintenance. As ordinary cleaning methods may be damaging to your roof’s surface, we use a special chemical cleaning system, combining mild detergents with algaecide, sodium hypochlorite, and a thickening solution to lessen runoff.

Benefit from a clean roof, and ensure you and your family’s protection. Contact us today at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your roof cleaning.