All About Insulation: What You Need To Know

Insulation protects your home from the effects of outside air and prevents conditioned interior air from leaving. This is essential for your family’s comfort. Having your home insulated is akin to getting prepared for the weather. With the slightest bit of damage to your insulation, your home could be vulnerable to temperature changes, which can cost you money.

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Arry’s Roofing looks at all you need to know about insulation.

How insulation is rated

There’s a number that determines how well insulated your roofing in St. Petersburg is. This number is the R-value, which is based off how resistant your insulation is to the movement of heat through its surface. Higher numbers mean better insulation. Check local building codes because these are necessary to recommend the R-values most effective for each area of your home. At Arry’s Roofing, we ensure proper insulation to avoid lower R-values.

What happens when insulation is poor

You feel the effects of poor insulation immediately—it’s too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. You also have to pay higher energy bills to counteract these effects through artificial means. Moreover, poor insulation can also promote mold growth. It still helps to call Arry’s Roofing to conduct a full inspection, as we can best determine exactly where the problems lie.

What you can expect from Arry’s Roofing

We offer Owens Corning branded insulation of the blown-in variety. As the name implies, we install these through a method that’s proven to be quick, efficient, yet effective. The fiberglass or cellulose we use has proven to have a higher R-value than standard materials. It’s also ideal for our preferred method of installation—being prime and perfect for blowing into and filling your attic spaces. Attic Breeze complements this system, a solar-powered attic fan that assists in temperature regulation for your roofing in Clearwater.

Insulation doesn’t have to be confusing if you go for the reliable name in the industry. Arry’s Roofing offers modern insulation products that are geared towards effective and reliable heat regulation. Call us today and we’ll be happy to help you.