Arry’s Roofing Employee Spotlight: Ronald Pineda

RonaldRonald Pineda is a new face on the Arry’s Roofing team, having started in his position as Project Manager in January 2014. His job responsibilities include caring for clients, being knowledgeable about products and representing the company well. The Merida, Venezuela, native believes his greatest strengths are his ability to assimilate any accent and “remember everything but where I put my wallet!” He appreciates the opportunity he has to work for an exemplary family and serve the needs of the community.

“Arry’s Roofing is one-of-a-kind, from its product to its employees,” says Ronald. “You go with Arry’s, you won’t ever need another roofing contractor in Tampa Bay.”

“Ronald was an easy addition to the Arry’s team and family, as he was a family friend for many years,” says Matthew Housh, Vice President of Arry’s Roofing. “He has all the intangibles that we would look for in a project manager: integrity, work ethic, passionate, caring, kind, funny, relatable and humble in presentation. Although he did not have much Tampa Bay roofing experience, we knew he had the character and personality for the job, and that he would succeed. Another great aspect is that he is fluent in Spanish, so we can now relate to the Hispanic population. We are very excited about having Ronald on the team!”

Ronald is married to his best friend and the couple has a 15-month-old son, Miquel Alejandro. “They rock my world,” he says. The little family enjoys taking short trips to Orlando to explore and be with family, or Sarasota to enjoy a relaxing beach day and indulge in food.

In his free time, Ronald enjoys fishing, NFL football (he’s a huge Peyton Manning fan) and spending time with family. His favorite place to dine out is anywhere with good company and chicken wings.

One of Ronald’s most important long-term goals is to establish a business that he can leave behind for his children. If he could give others one piece of advice about life, it would be this: “Life is too short to be angry. Forgive.”

Welcome to the Arry’s Roofing family, Ronald!