Arry’s Roofing Teams Up with Roof Coat Expert Hydro-Stop

Arry’s Roofing Inc. is pleased to announce the start of a long-term partnership with Hydro-Stop, the leader in superior roofing and waterproofing solutions. Through this partnership, Hydro-Stop’s complete line of roof coating systems can now be made available to Arry’s Roofing customers throughout the Bay Area.

One of the stars of the Hydro-Stop product line is the PremiumCoat® System, a flexible elastomeric compound that can be applied directly onto commercial flat roofs and walkable roof decks. It provides outstanding durability, water resistance, and energy efficiency.

A Class 1 roof system, PremiumCoat® can function both as a UV-resistant, performance-enhancing coating over a variety of substrates as well as a standalone roof thanks to its tough polyester fabric reinforcement. It works on most types of roofing and flashing choices. On top of this, Tampa roof repair professionals only need to reapply the long-lasting liquid coating once every 5 years, keeping costs comparatively low.

Hydro-Stop unites with Arry’s Roofing in their vision to give property owners access to reasonably-priced roofing options that are both durable and easy to maintain. Arry’s Roofing representative Matthew Housh calls the Hydro-Stop coating system “a tested roof system for Florida”, which is itself a stamp of the highest quality, as Florida’s humid climate and heavy rainfall tend to cause flat roof leaks which can lead to costly structural damage.

Flat roof leaks remain one of the most common reasons for roof repair in Tampa, Sun City, Clearwater, and the neighboring areas. This is because flat roofs and walkable roof decks (both popular roofing choices in Florida) do not shed rain water as readily as steep-slope roofs.