Expanded Shopping Tax Break Benefits Tampa Bay

If you’ve had more than your share of repair issues at home this year, it’s possible you have gone overbudget fixing or replacing necessary items. In that case, you’ll certainly want to take advantage of Florida’s tax holiday weekend coming up. The three-day event will give you a chance to trim back-to-school expenses on an expanded number of products this year.

Let’s take a look at the changes from last year and what you can plan to save on when you shop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind, the sales tax may differ depending on the county in which you shop. Many of our friends and neighbors pay 7 percent inside counties such as Pinellas and Pasco.

ONE BIG CHANGE: Last year the state considered clothing and shoes up to $75.00 eligible. This year any individual clothing item or pair of shoes up to $100 is eligible. 

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Anything up to $15 is within the list of eligible items. 

COMPUTERS: These big-ticket items only become taxed this weekend above an initial $750 mark.  

ELECTRONICS: Your purchase of a tablet, e-book reader, desktop computer or laptop is part of the tax break along with computer accessories. Video games, cell phones and TVs are not on the list. 

If you have seen any ads, flyers, or commercials lately, you’ll know retailers are doing their part to drive more foot traffic to their stores by offering additional deals during the tax holiday weekend in Florida. We encourage you to shop wisely and take advantage of any extra discounts and deals on items you need during this 3-day period. You might rack up a considerable savings and ease the financial burden at home.

We’re interested in how you approach a weekend like this one. What are your key strategies to shopping during a tax holiday in Florida? What tips would you share with other individuals and families? Post them here on the blog page.

Once the tax holiday weekend is over, we invite you to share your success stories with us. What item did you save the most money on? How much did you save overall? Let us and our blog readers know by posting a comment on our blog page or on our Facebook page. In the meantime, Arry’s Roofing wishes each one of you a rewarding weekend of shopping adventures.