Four Finalists Announced in Arry’s Roofing’s Latest “No Roof Left Behind” Campaign

Arry's finalistsArry’s Roofing Services is pleased to announce that four finalists have been selected in our latest No Roof Left Behind campaign. No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that is specially designed to help communities organize and rally around a local family in need. This will be the third roof installed by Arry’s Roofing as part of this unique community outreach program, and is valued at between $12,000 and $15,000. Past winners include Linda Hunsinger of Saint Petersburg and Cody Hughes of Tampa.

Read more about the finalists:

“Happy rats eviction!” Tarpon Springs, FL. Kathie nominated her friend, Maria, for a free roof. Kathie says Maria is a struggling mother of two teen boys who works multiple jobs to keep her home. Her roof has been leaking for a year, creating mold in the bedrooms. Rats and other animals live under the roof, and the gaps in the roof have led to huge A/C bills. Kathie worries that a hurricane will level a house with such a rotten roof, and would love to give Maria a special gift for her birthday on December 1st.

“Keeping the roof over sandy,” Largo, FL. Sandy’s daughter says her 76-year-old mother has raised 12 children, adopted several others and is currently raising two of her grandchildren because their mother fell into drugs. She has survived three different cancers and is still taking chemo pills for her breast cancer. There are multiple places in Sandy’s house that gush water when it rains, and some places you can see straight to the outside. She is now in jeopardy of losing her house due to lack of homeowner’s insurance which she cannot maintain because of the roof’s poor condition.

“A Single Male Needs Help too,” Clearwater, FL. This 60-year-old, hard-working single veteran was nominated by his brother. He has never had much money, but is always among the first to help someone else in need. His roof is 50 years old and has reached the end of its life expectancy. Without new Clearwater roofing, he cannot maintain insurance which is mandatory to keep his mortgage. His brother worries that this will cause a downward spiral of events from which he will not be able to recover.

“Tarpon Springs couple needs a roof,” Tarpon Springs, FL. These neighbors do not qualify for assistance programs, but still need help. Both are disabled, and recent increases in healthcare insurance costs have cut their income by $800 each month. They have tried to patch their leaking roof but it continues to leak during heavy rains.

To vote for a finalist, please visit our No Roof Left Behind page. Voting is open through October 19th, and a winner will be revealed on October 24th. An installation celebration is scheduled for November 1st. “Having a community come together in behalf of a family in need is what makes promos like No Roof Left Behind really worth it,” says Matthew Housh, Vice President of Arry’s Roofing.

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