Guidelines for a Cost-effective Roof Replacement

A proper re-roofing project can ensure that your home is safe from the different elements, preventing damage to the interiors and other structures of your home. If you want to plan your home improvement project correctly, you need to check out what roofing materials are available or ideal for your home and you need to hire a qualified roofing contractor.

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Things to consider when re-roofing

Aside from protecting your home from harsh weather conditions, you should also consider these points:

  • Roof type and system, whether it’s metal, asphalt shingle, tile, or flat roofing
  • Up-front and long-term costs, especially for maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Curb appeal
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Life span
  • Duration of the project
  • Inconvenience to you and/or your family

With the various materials available in the market, your Palm Harbor roofing contractors can help you choose which roofing material will be ideal for your project. Make sure that you consult a roofing expert, such as Arry’s Roofing Services, for the options available and the benefits of each roofing material.

A reliable contractor can also offer routine maintenance or inspection to make sure that your roof will last a long time. This also ensures that you will only need minor repairs and not require another re-roofing someday. This could also turn out to be a positive investment should you ever decide to sell your house, as Remodeling magazine’s “2015 Cost vs. Value” article states that the recoup value of roofing replacement is 71.6%.

Tips on planning

When planning your roof improvement project, you should first understand the needs of your roof. Check for signs that you need roof replacement such as deterioration, missing or cracked shingles, or leaks. With the help of your roofing contractor, choose the right materials that will both complement your home’s architectural style and withstand the climate in your area. A professional contractor should also be familiar with your local building codes.

Consult with your contractor for proper installation of roof flashing, sealed roof deck, wind-resistant skylights, and proper attic ventilation. A properly planned roofing system should be more durable and energy-efficient.

Quality materials for a cost-effective roof

A cost-effective roof provides protection, added curb appeal, and value to your home. With the combination of the right roofing materials and proper installation, you can be sure that your roof will help you save money in the long run.

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