How an Unscrupulous Tampa Roofing Contractor Could Make You Pay Twice

When times are good, it’s easy for a Tampa roofing contractor to keep up with his bills and ensure all suppliers are paid. The contractor works on your roof, you pay him, he pays his workers and suppliers, and all is well.

But when business slows or a business is financially mismanaged, this smooth scenario doesn’t always happen. At times some contractors are not able to pay for the materials they have used or the workers who installed them. When this happens, many homeowners don’t realize the terrible consequences that can follow.

If a roofer cannot or will not pay his material bill, you could be held liable. Under the laws of the State of Florida, a supplier, subcontractor or others to whom he owes money has the right to file a mechanic’s lien against the title to your property. That means you could be forced to pay twice for the same work: once to the contractor, and again to get any liens removed.

While it is not common for a homeowner to get a claim of lien filed against his property, this is another important reason to hire a reputable contractor you can trust to pay suppliers and manage his affairs well. The good news is a bit of due diligence can protect you. Before making the final payment, ask the contractor to provide you with a written lien waiver, a legal document that states he has been paid in full for work completed and you won’t have to pay twice.

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