How Durable Are Tile Roofs?

How Durable Are Tile Roofs?

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If you’re considering a new roof for your home, tile roofs may have caught your eye as you plan the project. Many homeowners love tile roofs for their unique style and versatility; however, style isn’t the only thing you should consider when picking a new roofing material. You’re going to want a roof that is as strong as it is gorgeous, so, with that in mind, how durable are tile roofs? Luckily, the experts at Arry’s Roofing are here to answer your questions.

What Are Tile Roofs Made Of?

To understand the strength of tile roofs, one first has to know what they’re made of. Roof tiles are made from materials such as terracotta (also known as clay), slate, or concrete. These materials are popular among homeowners for their outstanding strength. Depending on the climate, tile roofs can last more than 100 years. Even better, concrete and clay tile roofs are known to withstand hail, fire, and high winds. Tile roofs are also less prone to decay than other materials such as wood.

Other Perks of Tile Roofs

In addition to their hardwearing nature, tile roofs are also:

  • Environmentally friendly and can be pulverized and recycled after their removal
  • Energy efficient due to their heavy thermal mass of tiles that help regulate temperatures
  • Low-maintenance since they are resistant to damage and decay

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