Let Your Roof Breathe (Part 2): Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

There are different types of attic ventilation systems. Some popular products on the market are power vents, static vents, and ridge vents. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want a product that offers more value for your money, think about getting solar attic fans by Attic Breeze®.

Here are reasons roofers in Largo FL recommend solar attic fans for ventilation:

Solar Attic Fans Fit Any Type of Roof Application

Unlike other ventilation systems, solar attic fans are designed to fit any type of roof. They work well on a shingle roof, tile roof, flat roof, and metal roof. You’ll also find models that are perfect for wall mount and gable installations. Choosing the appropriate products requires information about your roof and property, such as the size and design of your home.

Solar Attic Fans Perform Better at a Lower Cost

You don’t have to spend a fortune to maintain proper ventilation in your home. Unlike power vents, solar attic fans won’t put additional load on your usual energy demands. These units use the sun’s energy to work, so they operate cost-free.

Compared with conventional power vents, solar attic fans from Attic Breeze can move up to 1800 CFM of airflow. They will actively remove heat from your attic and reduce air temperature by about 5–10 degrees above the ambient outdoor temperature.

Solar Attic Fans Are Durable

As vents are exposed to the elements as much as your roof, it’s important to get durable products. Solar attic fans from Attic Breeze come with Zincalume® alloy vent housing that features superior resistance to corrosion. Its sturdy metal construction and design can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions. Tests show that this product can resist hurricane-force winds of more than 170 mph. In addition, Attic Breeze’s innovative panel design can resist impact and provide better power output performance compared with other types of solar attic panels.

Roof ventilation is an essential part of your property. Don’t just get a system that moves air in and out of the attic. Improve air quality, manage your energy usage, and have peace of mind during extreme weather conditions with solar attic fans from Attic Breeze. With the right ventilation system, you can even extend your roof’s service life.

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