Metal Tiles: Giving You More than Just a Beautiful Roof

Roof replacement is a common home improvement project. It offers many benefits, such as better protection against the weather, improved curb appeal, and enhanced energy efficiency.

If you’re planning this kind of project, you may be surprised with the number of roofing materials you may use for your property. Wood shingles, laminated shingles, composition roofing, slate, rubber composite, and metal roofing in Tampa are some examples. 

When picking a material, think about a product’s life-cycle cost, durability, and style. You’d want to have a roof that doesn’t just improve the look of your home’s exteriors, but also protects your family, especially during extreme weather conditions.

For form and function, you can trust a metal roof to meet all your needs. Here are some of its benefits:

Versatile Design

Metal roofing designs can match a variety of architectural styles. Whether you have a classic home or a modern home, you won’t have a hard time finding a metal roof design that suits your property. 


With Florida’s climate and geographical location, it’s recommended to use a material that can withstand high winds, rain, and heat.

Many metal roofing products have been tested to endure wind uplifts with wind speeds of more than 150 mph. Some have also passed tests on wind driven rain, air infiltration and leakage, and water penetration.   


Energy efficiency is a key factor for roofing in Florida. With the sun glaring down on us most of the year, many want to find products that can help them limit their energy usage, particularly their cooling needs. 

A metal roof prevents your home from becoming too hot, as it reflects the sun’s heat back to the sky. You can keep your home comfortable without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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